beatles and solo years

the records published by the fab four as Beatles and in their solo career

1961-10-23 19:30:12

single: My Bonnie/The Saints

Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers

1962-10-05 14:35:55

single: Love Me Do/Ps I Love You

The Beatles

1963-01-11 14:35:55

single: Please Please me/Ask me Why

The Beatles

1963-03-22 13:00:04

Please Please Me

The Beatles

1963-04-11 14:35:55

Single: From Me To You/Thank You Girl

The Beatles

1963-08-23 14:35:55

single: She Loves You/I'll Get You

The Beatles

1963-11-22 13:00:04

With The Beatles

The Beatles

1963-11-29 14:35:55

single: I Want to Hold Your Hand/This Boy

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1964-03-16 14:35:55

single: Can't Buy me Love/You Can't do That

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1964-06-19 14:35:55

Ep: Long Tall Sally

The Beatles

1964-07-10 13:00:04

A Hard Day's Night

The Beatles

1964-07-10 14:35:55

A Hard Day's Night/Things We Said Today

The Beatles

1964-11-23 14:35:55

single: I Feel Fine/She's a Woman

The Beatles

1964-12-04 13:00:04

Beatles for Sale

The Beatles

1965-04-09 14:35:55

single: Ticket to Ride/Yes it Is

The Beatles

1965-07-19 14:35:55

single: Help!/I'm Down

The Beatles

1965-08-06 13:00:04


The Beatles

1965-12-03 13:00:04

Rubber Soul

The Beatles

1965-12-03 14:35:55

single: Day Tripper/We Can Work it Out

The Beatles

1966-05-30 14:35:55

single: Paperback Writer/ Rain

The Beatles

1966-08-05 13:00:04


The Beatles

1966-08-05 14:35:55

single: Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby

The Beatles

1966-12-10 13:00:04

A Collection of Beatles Oldies but Goldies

The Beatles

1967-01-06 09:58:12

The Family Way

Soundtrack composed by Paul McCartney

1967-02-13 14:35:55

single: Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles

1967-06-01 13:00:04

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles

1967-07-07 14:35:55

single: All You Need Is Love/ Baby You're a Rich Man

The Beatles

1967-11-24 14:35:55

single: Hello Goodbye/ I Am the Walrus

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1967-11-27 13:00:04

Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles

1968-03-15 14:35:55

single: Lady Madonna/ The Inner Light

The Beatles

1968-08-26 14:35:55

single: Hey Jude/ Revolution

The Beatles

1968-11-01 07:56:44

Wonderwall Music

George Harrison

1968-11-11 12:58:59

Unfinished music 1

John Lennon

1968-11-22 14:25:46

The Beatles

The Beatles

1969-01-13 13:00:04

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles and George Martin

1969-04-11 14:35:55

single: Get Back/ Don't Let Me Down

The Beatles

1969-05-02 07:56:44

Electronic Sound

George Harrison

1969-05-09 22:30:38

Unfinished music 2 Life with the lions

John Lennon

1969-05-30 14:35:55

single: The Ballad of John and Yoko/ Old Brown Shoe

The Beatles

1969-07-04 06:34:33

single: Give Peace A Chance/Remember Love

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

1969-09-26 13:00:04

Abbey Road

The Beatles

1969-10-06 14:35:55

single: Something/Come together

the Beatles

1969-10-20 06:34:33

single: Cold Turkey/Don't Worry Kyoko

the Beatles

1969-10-20 22:30:38

Wedding Album

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

1969-12-12 22:30:38

Live peace in Toronto

The Plastic Ono Band

1970-02-06 06:34:33

single: Instant karma/ Who Has Seen The Wind?

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

1970-02-23 13:00:04

Hey Jude

The Beatles

1970-03-06 14:35:55

single: Let It Be/ You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

The Beatles

1970-03-27 18:35:32

Sentimental Journey

Ringo Starr

1970-04-17 09:58:12

Mc Cartney

Paul Mc Cartney

beatles and solo years

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