Human Rights Day 2013: Older people

Human Rights Day 2013 is on 10 December.

This year's theme is '20 YEARS: WORKING FOR YOUR RIGHTS' but with an emphasis on future challenges. 2013 is the 20th Anniversary of the Office of the High Commissioner For Human Rights.;xNLx;;xNLx;In this timeline Eldis explores how international recognition of the rights of older people has developed, as well as the growing challenge ahead.

2002-04-12 00:00:00

Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing

The creation of the 2002 Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, was agreed at the UN World Assembly on Ageing, stating that 'Mainstreaming ageing into global agendas is essential. A concerted effort is required to move towards a wide and equitable approach to policy integration'.

2007-10-16 00:00:00

Human rights in an ageing world: perspectives from around the world

This report argued that the main problem in some countries is not the lack of human rights laws, but insufficient implementation and assimilation of the existing laws.

2010-04-01 00:00:00

Strengthening Older People’s Rights: Towards a UN Convention

There isn’t a specific UN Convention for the rights of the elderly. A convention is called for in the collaborative NGO document, “Strengthening Older People’s Rights: Towards a UN Convention”:

2010-06-22 00:00:00

Experiences of age discrimination around the world

In this video from HelpAge International older people from around the world outline why their rights need better protection.

2010-12-21 00:00:00

Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing

Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA) established by the United Nations' General Assembly in 2010 aims to identify and address gaps in human rights legislation for the elderly.

2011-01-01 00:00:00

Secretary General report

This is the Summary of the Report of the Secretary-General to the General Assembly 2011, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

2012-01-01 00:00:00

Review of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing

The 2012 review is highlighted in chapter three of the joint publication “Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A celebration and a challenge” from United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge International (2012), looking at progress in national policies and legislation, as well as research.

2013-09-23 07:06:19

UN Resolution on the rights of older persons

UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution that creates the new position of Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons.

2013-12-10 00:00:00

The future

Demographic projections indicate that by 2050, nearly 80% of the world’s older population (aged 60+) will live in developing and emerging economies. As this infographic from HelpAge International states, c.22% of the global population will be aged 60 or over.

Human Rights Day 2013: Older people

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