0639-01-01 18:23:16

Burial of Dagobert

0775-01-01 00:06:48

Consecration of the 8th century church

Consecrated by Abbot Fulrad in 775. The church was begun in 754, possibly 768. Charlemagne was present for the consecration.

0832-11-01 11:00:24

Hilduin's Chapel

Hilduin, in an attempt to commemorate his return to favor after exile, built a partially subterranean chapel on the east end of Fulrad's church.

0835-01-01 09:14:44

Historia sancti Dionysii

Abbot Hilduin established the official biography of Saint Denis.

0840-01-01 12:02:26

Abbot Louis

First abbot of royal lineage.

0867-01-01 22:28:10

Charles the Bald assumed title of lay abbot

Saint-Denis became the royal abbey with his assumption of the title.

1005-01-01 18:56:46

Abbacy of Odilon

Invited abbot from Cluny, took power over the abbey under Robert the Pious.

1108-01-01 13:33:32

Reign of Louis VI

1113-01-01 13:26:14

Louis VI gave the abbey primacy over other churches in the kingdom

Allowed the abbey to collect from other churches, further building the wealth of the abbey.

1120-01-01 00:56:10

Louis VI returned the crown of his father to the abbey

1122-01-01 06:53:45

Louis VI confirmed many previous donations and expanded the abbey's rights between Saint-Denis and Montmartre

This event helped raise funds and increased the prestige of the abbey.

1122-03-12 00:00:00

Abbacy of Suger

Suger becomes abbot of Saint-Denis the day after he was ordained as a priest. Abbot Suger is significant to the story of Saint-Denis due to his detailed account of construction campaigns in the east and west ends of the church.

1124-08-03 05:57:28

1124 Charter of Louis VI

A charter drafted at Saint-Denis granted the abbey the Vexin and rights to the great fair of the Lendit. These two events brought the abbey more money and pilgrims.

1124-08-03 10:49:44

Louis VI took the Oriflamme into battle

Pitted against Henry V of Germany and Henry I of England, Louis VI took the standard from the high altar of the abbey. His actions acknowledged the the authority of the abbey and saint Denis.

1125-03-15 05:48:47

Charter refers to the construction of a new entrance

Suger designates 200 pounds to be used for the restoration.

1137-01-01 08:34:27

Reign of Louis VII

1137-06-17 06:36:19

Suger's will/testament from 1137

In this will he requested that funds be kept available for the addition to the church, in other words construction began before this.

1140-06-09 06:10:47

Consecration of Suger's western block

1140-07-14 06:10:47

Cornerstone ceremony

Ceremony for the cornerstone of the new chevet under Suger.

1144-07-14 06:10:47

Consecration of Suger's chevet

1147-02-18 03:45:49

Louis VII names Suger co-regent of France

1165-01-01 09:45:50

Acquisition of relics of Saint Ursula

Acquired under the brief abbacy of Eudes de Taverny.

1180-01-01 04:11:05

Reign of Philip Augustus

1216-01-01 12:36:13

Pope Innocent III sent the relics of Saint Dionysius the Areopagite from Greece

Pope Innocent III sent the relics of Saint Dionysius the Areopagite from Greece. This made Saint-Denis the repository of relics for both Saint Denis of Paris and Saint Dionysius.

1222-01-01 07:02:00

Donation by Philippe-Auguste

Philippe-Auguste donated jewels and gold to the abbey on the condition that they were sold to support the addition of twenty monks.

1223-01-01 04:11:05

Reign of Louis VIII

Enter story info here

1226-01-01 00:25:33

Reign of Louis IX

1226-01-01 04:11:05

Donation from Blanche de Castille

Blanche de Castille, as regent of France, generously contributed to the expenses of the abbey following the death of Louis VIII. Her contributions encouraged the reconstruction of the abbey.

1228-01-01 13:58:19

Abbacy of Eudes Clement

Construction of the 13th century church began under his direction until he became archbishop of Rouen in April of 1245.

1231-01-01 04:11:05

Start of 13th century reconstruction of Saint-Denis

1231-01-01 09:27:12

13th century chevet was completed

According to Bruzelius construction began on the chevet and was taken to the end of the choir. Should be understood as the liturgical choir, the three eastern bays of the nave where the monks stalls were located.

1231-01-01 19:31:45

13th century north transept side completed

According to Bruzelius, reconstruction of Saint-Denis began with abbot Eudes Celment.

1245-01-01 05:26:49

13th century south transept arm completed

Bruzelius argues that though the work was completed under the abbacy of Guillaume, this was the tail end of Abbot Eudes' campaign.

1245-01-01 22:38:41

Tithes were imposed in support of Louis IX's crusade

The new tithe affected the abbey's ability to continue work.

1245-04-02 14:09:44

Abbacy of Guillaume de Massouris

The construction campaign of Abbot Eudes Clement continued into the abbacy of Guillaume. Under Guillaume the work became delayed due to a series taxes and crusades.

1246-01-01 20:09:49

Papal bull of Innocent IV

The papal bull confirmed the abbey’s right to inherit all the goods and property of the monks, an important source of income.

1247-01-01 00:46:24

Chapel of St. Hilaire

Chapel of St. Hilaire is completed

1247-01-01 08:32:37

Charter mentions Pierre de Montreuil as architect of the church

Although the charter refers to Pierre as the architect of the church his role in the construction of the abbey is unclear.

1248-01-01 00:29:48

Chapel of St. Cucuphas

Chapel completed

1248-01-01 12:43:30

Louis IX goes on crusade

The kings absence and the expense of the endeavor had repercussions on the financial resources of the abbey.

1248-09-18 22:33:51

Donation from Eugene Albate

A donation for the reconstruction of the church.

1252-01-01 15:38:10

Three eastern bays of the nave completed

Construction was completed around these years according to Bruzelius.

1253-01-01 23:49:23

Altar of the Virgin Chapel was re-consecrated

1254-01-01 06:28:08

Abbacy of Henri Mallet

Little to no work was completed under the abbacy of Henri Mallet. He was quickly deposed by papal bull in 1258.

1258-01-01 09:10:01

Abbacy of Mathieu de Vendome

13th century reconstruction of Saint-Denis ended under Mathieu de Vendome's abbacy.

1259-01-01 23:55:26

The tombs of abbots Suger, Henry, Peter. Adam, Hughes and others were moved to the south transept arm

1261-01-01 11:18:07

Charter of November 1261

November charter that includes tithes ad opus ecclesie, first donation since 1250.

1262-01-01 13:15:17

Tithes were imposed for the rescue of Latin empire of Constantinople

1263-01-01 12:00:16

New tithe for Charles d’Anjou

1264-01-01 14:50:25

Translation of 16 Carolingian and Capetian kings and queens into the 13th century crossing

Carolingians were moved to the southern transept and the Capetians to the northern transept. Tombs were restored and reinstalled by Viollet-le-Duc between 1860 and 1864.


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