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1790-06-20 17:47:41

William Green Austin is born

June 20, 1790 - William Green Austin was born in Orange County, North Carolina. He and his wife, Dicy Horner Austin, were the first occupants of Lonesome.

1800-12-23 00:00:00

Delilah (Dicy) Horner is born

December 23, 1800 - Delilah (Dicy) Horner was born in Orange County, North Carolina. She and her husband, William Greene Austin, were the first occupants of Lonesome.

1820-04-01 14:17:22

Lonesome Is Built - 1820-1821

The exact date is unclear, but we know that the log cabin we call "Lonesome" was probably built by David Pasmore in the year 1820 or 1821 for William Green Austin and Dicy Horner Austin.

1844-04-08 22:18:57

Mary Zenab Austin is born

April 8, 1844, Mary Zenab (Zenie) Austin was born. Zenie was the youngest daughter of William and Dicy Austin. She lived to be 78 years old and died on May 7, 1922.

1891-02-06 04:31:32

Ruth Elizabeth Austin is born

February 6, 1891 - Ruth Elizabeth Austin, granddaughter of William and Dicy Austin, was born. She died on December 11, 1994 at the age of 103. She was the daughter of Calvin Franklin Austin and Lurana (Raney) Elisabeth Anderson Austin.

1902-10-08 19:56:27

Emily Clifton Alspaugh's Birthday Party at Lonesome - June 21, 1907

June 6, 1907. Emily Alspaugh was the mother of Josiah Clifton Alspaugh, husband of Mary Zenab (Zenie) Austin. This is one of the earliest events that was photographed -- her birthday party shows Lonesome when it was about 92 years old.

1912-02-06 04:31:32

Lonesome Deeded to Ruth Elizabeth Austin

February 6, 1912 - The cabin was given to Ruth Elizabeth Austin on her 21st birthday by her Aunt Zenie (Mary Zenab Austin Alspaugh) who was also her foster mother.

1913-01-01 13:39:04

Ruth Elizabeth Austin Wed John Kimbro

1913 was the year of the marriage of (Betty) Ruth Elizabeth Austin and John Alan Kimbro.

1915-05-29 23:58:30

William Wyatt Austin, Jr. is born

May 29, 1915 - William Wyatt Austin, Jr., great grandson of William and Dicy Austin, was born. He died on October 8, 2004. He is the author of a book about Lonesome called "The Lonesome Story".

Lonesome Historic Site

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