Pakistani Students and Covid-19

2020-02-27 12:24:47

First Covid cases detected

Two cases of coronavirus detected in Karachi and Islamabad. Govt says "no need to panic"

2020-02-29 19:43:56

Covid-19 cases in Pakistan rise to 4

Pakistani government urged citizens to remain calm as Covid-19 cases rise in Pakistan

2020-03-04 19:43:56

Schools closed till April 5

Education minister Shafqat Mahmood announced in a tweet that all education institutions in the country will be closed till April 5.

2020-03-13 00:00:00

First locally transmitted case of Coronavirus

Health and Population Department of Sindh reported the first locally transmitted Covid-19 case in Pakistan. President Dr. Arif Alvi in a special tweet, advised the public to avoid participation in mass gatherings, handshaking or hugging in addition to taking other precautionary measures if they observe symptoms of flu or coronavirus infection.

2020-03-13 00:00:00

Sindh govt extended closure of educational institutions within the province

The decision was made during a special cabinet meeting presided by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah. It was decided that these holidays would be treated as summer vacations.

2020-03-18 19:55:10

Pakistan confirms first deaths due to Covid-19

Both patients belonged to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and were hospitalized in Peshawar

2020-03-22 19:55:10

Lockdown imposed in Sindh amidst rising cases

The Government of Sindh announced a lockdown in the province for 14 days from 23 March, ordering all public transport, markets, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and public areas to be shut down

2020-03-23 04:52:22

Countrywide lockdown imposed by Army

Pakistani army deploys to enforce countrywide lockdown measures as of March 23 as coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreads; further international spread of COVID-19 to be expected over near term

2020-03-24 00:00:00

472 citizens detained on the first day of the lockdown due to violation of SOPs

Multiple violations of the lockdown in Sindh were observed in several places across the province such as gatherings on the beach, residents being out and major markets, shopping centres, bazaars and restaurants remained open

2020-03-28 11:23:20

Punjab overtakes Sindh in Covid cases

According to the Punjab update, the highest number of patients were in Dera Ghazi Khan, where 207 affected pilgrims had been quarantined. It also confirmed that two doctors, serving the patients had also contracted COVID-19.

2020-04-22 09:07:10

Doctors warn catastrophe if mosques remain open during Ramadan

group of senior doctors in Pakistan and abroad have written a letter pleading with the country’s religious clerics and the prime minister to reverse a decision to leave mosques open during the Holy Month of Ramadan warning it could result in an explosion of COVID-19 cases saying numbers are already on the rise at an increased rate throughout the country.

2020-05-06 09:07:10

500 healthworkers infected with Covid-19 countrywide

Representative of the Pakistan Medical Association urged the government to extend the lockdown period.

2020-05-09 08:59:52

Ruling party lifts nationwide lockdown

The decision was made during a meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) on Covid-19 chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

2020-06-01 08:59:52

670,000 may be infected with Covid-19 in Lahore alone

As per the summary, 6 per cent of the total samples collected tested positive for Covid-19. In some towns, samples’ results stated that 14.7 per cent of the samples came back with positive results. The report said that there was not a single area in Lahore or a qasba where the infection had not reached.

2020-06-03 00:00:00

Students protest outside HEC Islamabad demanding waiving of semester fees

University students from across the country gathered outside Higher Education Commission's office demanding their full semester fee to be waived. The students also demanded to stop online classes and promote them to the next semester.

2020-06-10 00:00:00

University professor arrested under blasphemy charges

Professor Sajid Soomro of Shah Abdul University was arrested for blasphemy charges

2020-06-14 16:45:09

Pakistan reaches peak with 6,825 Covid cases in one day

Enter story info here

2020-06-24 00:00:00

Say no to online classes

Mahrang Baloch was arrested with other peaceful protestors for protesting against online classes. Police beat up the students and arrested both male and female students.

2020-06-29 17:20:54

Students protest in Quetta

Students Action Committee received an assurance from the provincial minister to stop online classes

2020-07-02 08:40:55

Pakistan Arrests Students for Demanding Internet Before Online Exams

Police in Pakistan’s Balochistan province’s capital Quetta recently arrested more than a dozen student leaders and activists for demanding internet connectivity before universities conduct online classes and exams.

2020-07-03 17:20:54

Writ petition in high court by Pakhtunkhwa Students Federation

PSF approached Balochistan High Court with a writ petition against HEC's announcement of online classes.

2020-07-07 11:42:47

NDMA Chairman says it’s tough to manage pandemic due to 18th Amendment which devolved power to provinces

NDMA Chairman Major General Nadeem Afzal has said that Because of 18th amendment difficulties faced in coping corona but he does not say that complains by Sindh government are political scoring. In an interview with Urdu newspaper Independent he said that as Sindh is lacking the trained staff, corona test kits damaged by them.

2020-07-11 17:20:54

Anti-Harassment policies for education institutes

Bolo Bhi's explainer on the anti-harassment policy that was drafted for education institutes, going over the substantive parts and the reasoning behind it all.

2020-07-11 17:20:54

Online education is alienating students in Sindh

Because of the lack of facilities the recent HEC decision to shift the teaching to online education is alienating Sindhi students.

2020-07-19 19:26:34

Pakistan's COVID-19 daily tally continues to drop

Pakistan's daily coronavirus tally continued to fall, as the country recorded only 1,579 new cases. Health experts, however, cautioned that a sharp fall in the number of COVID-19 cases could be the result of fewer tests.

2020-07-21 02:02:01

Pakistan to implement a Single National Curriculum in 2021

PM Imran Khan announced that the govt will implement a Single National Curriculum that will be uniformly taught in English-medium schools, public schools and madrassahs.

2020-07-21 17:03:30

Private schools' association in defiance of govt's orders says will open institutions from Aug 15

The All Pakistan Private Schools' Association said that it would open schools from August 15, defying government orders that said schools would be allowed to open from September 15 provided cases continued to decline.

2020-07-23 02:02:01

Punjab Assembly passes bill protecting foundation of Islam

It demands the use of words Khatam-un-Nabiyyeen whenever the name of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is mentioned. It also binds all publishers to submit at least five copies of each edition of the book they publish with the DGPR, which has been empowered to inspect printing presses, book stores and publishing houses, and confiscate before and after printing of books containing such contents.

2020-07-24 02:02:01

100 Textbooks Banned by Punjab Curriculum Board

The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has banned 100 textbooks that were deemed ‘blasphemous’ or ‘anti-Pakistan' after Tahaffuz e Bunyaad e Islam Bill was passed.

2020-07-27 02:02:01

Widespread criticism over rationale for new law to ‘protect’ Islam

Various sections of society, including a federal minister, have criticised the passage of the Punjab Tahaffuz-i-Bunyad-i-Islam (protecting the foundation of Islam) Bill 2020 by the Punjab Assembly, warning that such trends would fan extremism.

2020-08-06 04:30:48

Open letter against Tahaffuz e Bunyaad e Islam Bill 2020

Over 200 lawyers, CSOs, activists, educationists, academics, journalists, doctors, architects, publishers, athletes, artists, philanthropists, community organizers/workers, historians, members of the business community, economists & members of the Punjab Assembly have submitted a letter to the Punjab Assembly, registering our protest and concerns regarding the Tahaffuz-e-Bunyad-e-Islam Bill 2020.

2020-08-09 20:37:54

Pakistan Medical Association, doctors fear coronavirus surge as lockdowns lifted nationwide

Pakistan shut schools and land borders nearly five months ago, decided to limit domestic and international flights and discouraged large gatherings to try to halt the spread of the coronavirus. But with infections and deaths down nearly 80 percent since their peak as per government records, the government decided to lift the lockdowns to help the country return to normalcy.

2020-08-15 17:03:30

O/A-Level students protest against ‘unfair grades’

Pakistan’s O and A-level students brought their grievances out on the streets when they held a protest outside the Karachi Press Club against the ‘unfair marking’ by the international board.

2020-08-17 16:26:26

Academic Included By Govt In List Of New Curriculum Approvers Says He Never Approved It

An assistant professor at the Information Technology University expressed reservations over the credibility of the Single National Curriculum, saying the education ministry added his name to the list of curriculum experts without any ‘prior communication’

2020-08-19 00:00:00

Reopening schools could trigger second wave in Pakistan, warns Sindh health minister

In early August, Pakistan announced to open all sectors including industries, shops, tourism, restaurants, theaters and gyms after the country witnessed a significant decline in coronavirus infections with only 12,116 active cases currently. However, Dr. Pechuho has cautioned against the reopening of schools to prevent a second wave. “Senior classes in schools, as well as colleges and universities, can be opened with strict precautionary measures. Students and teachers must follow all the SOPs, wear masks, practice social distancing and wash hands regularly.” But she is against opening primary classes and putting the lives of young kids at risk as they could “further spread the virus and carry it to their homes, causing the second wave.”

2020-08-29 00:00:00

As Pakistan schools set to reopen, concerns over imposing coronavirus health guidelines grow

Pakistan, which had recorded 295,053 COVID-19 infections and 6,283 deaths by August 28, shut down schools and universities in March to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Cases have since significantly decreased, prompting the government to announce that all educational institutes would reopen on September 15.

2020-09-07 13:13:59

Educational institutions to reopen countrywide in phases from Sept 15

Addressing a press conference after a meeting of the inter-provincial education ministers’ conference (IPEMC), Mehmood said in the first phase, all higher education institutions including universities, professional colleges, vocational institutes, as well as classes nine till 12 will resume on Sept 15.

2020-09-13 23:52:56

Pakistan: Over 300,000 COVID-19 cases confirmed as of September 12

2020-09-16 10:51:50

KU students protest against semester exams

Perturbed over the "poorly conducted online classes", a large number of Karachi University (KU) students protested against the administration's decision to hold in-person semester exams.

2020-09-17 11:44:08

22 educational institutions closed down in last 48 hours for flouting SOPs: NCOC

2020-09-18 02:31:55

Cambridge exam students protest

A large number of students staged a demonstration and demanded Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to cancel October/November 2020 examinations.

2020-09-20 22:11:31

Education minister opposes closures as Pakistani schools shut again for flouting coronavirus rules

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said that any hasty decision to close down schools will "destroy education," after dozens of institutes across Pakistan shut down again for failing to follow coronavirus precautions.

2020-10-01 23:52:56

Call for ‘micro smart lockdown’ amid sporadic coronavirus cases in Punjab

2020-10-14 08:40:55

Baloch Student Protest Lost Scholarships and Reserved Seats in Punjab Universities

Groups of outraged Baloch students marched to Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad, demanding that the government roll back its decisions to curb annual scholarships and allocated reserved seats in universities of Punjab for students of Balochistan. This march started on October 10 from the city of Multan, around 302 miles away from the federal capital.

2020-10-23 23:52:56

NCOC sounds alarm after Covid-19 positivity rate increases for 5th consecutive day

The increase in Covid-19 indicators comes two days after the NCOC warned it would close down services once again if the public continued to flout SOPs for curbing the spread of the virus.

2020-10-29 23:52:56

Amid rising coronavirus cases, Saeed Ghani hints at school closure

Ghani's statement comes a day after the United Nations and World Bank pleaded for schools to remain open despite a surge in global case tally. In a new report, the organisations highlighted the damage the pandemic has inflicted on children´s education, especially in poor nations.

2020-10-29 23:52:56

Covid-19 second wave starts in Pakistan

As active cases of Covid-19 surpassed the 11,000 mark, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr Faisal Sultan formally announced that the second wave of the deadly virus has started in the country. Wearing face masks made mandatory.

2020-10-31 08:40:55

Pakistan: Student protest to be held in Lahore on October 31

A planned student protest was due to take place in Lahore on October 31, with participants demanding the restoration of scholarships for former Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) students.

2020-11-01 23:52:56

Punjab schools to remain open despite increase in coronavirus cases

Murad Raas said that the Punjab government was keeping a close eye on coronavirus cases in the province's schools. He said that random testing was being conducted and a slight increase in numbers has been observed. "Situation being analysed on daily basis. There is NO plan to close Schools as of right now. Please follow SOPs," he tweeted.

2020-11-03 08:40:55

COVID-19 second wave: Pakistan to decide on schools’ closure on November 5

The federal government called a meeting of all provincial education ministers on November 5 to discuss the possibility of closing down schools and universities, and announcing early winter holidays, as the country grapples with a second wave of the coronavirus,

Pakistani Students and Covid-19

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