History of the UCLA Center for the Study of Women|Barbra Streisand Center

Welcome to the UCLA Center for the Study of Women|Barbra Streisand Center! This timeline covers the history from the date the proposal for the center was sent to the UCLA Chancellor in 1983 to February 2021. *Navigation settings can be changed to your preference by clicking on the wrench icon at the bottom right-hand corner.* Search for specific titles or key words, or select "Categories" to view the legend of event and milestone categories. You can also change the viewing mode of the timeline by changing "View Type," as well as the zoom scale.

Since its founding, the CSW|Streisand Center has had a powerful impact on the study of gender, sexuality, and women’s issues across the campus and around the world. Today, the center continues to work towards a world in which education and scholarship are tools for social justice feminism, improving the lives of people of all genders.;xNLx;;xNLx;Learn more about CSW|Streisand Center's current research projects and events at CSW.UCLA.EDU. Follow us at @UCLACSW on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

1983-05-15 16:06:28

Proposal for CSW

The Proposal for the UCLA Center for the Study of Women (CSW), signed by Helen Astin, Karen Rowe, and Nancy Henley, was sent to Chancellor Charles E. Young.

1983-10-17 19:32:10

New Report: Maximizing Time, Maximizing Punishment

The Lived Experience of Long-Term Sentences in California Women’s Prisons LOS ANGELES, CA – The University of California Sentencing Project (UCSP), in collaboration with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP) and the UCLA Center for the Study of Women|Streisand Center, is proud to announce the release of its groundbreaking report: “Maximizing Time, Maximizing Punishment: The Lived Experience of Long-Term Sentences in California Women’s Prisons.”

1984-09-21 16:06:28

CSW Authorized by the Board of Regents

CSW was officially authorized by the Board of Regents, becoming the first organized research unit (ORU) in the University of California system to develop and coordinate research on women and gender-related issues.

1984-10-01 16:06:28

CSW Advisory Committee

CSW’s first Advisory Committee (CSWAC), chaired by Professor Kathryn K. Sklar, began meeting monthly.

1985-02-21 23:47:20

Opening Celebration

Opening Celebration for CSW and Judy Chicago’s The Birth Project.

1985-03-15 13:37:07

First Day in the Office

First day in the first office, 236A Kinsey Hall (now known as Kaplan Hall).

1985-04-09 03:10:44

Women, Culture, and Theory Colloquium

Previously sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program, CSW assumed responsibility for this seminar series in 1985-86.

1985-05-01 19:52:31

University of California Council of Women’s Programs

First planning meeting held at UCLA which resulted in the formation of the University of California Council of Women's Programs.

1985-05-01 23:56:44


CSW was officially nominated and accepted as a member of the National Council for Research on Women (NCROW), joining some 45 other research centers across the nation.

1985-07-01 15:21:48

Karen E. Rowe Appointed Director

Karen E. Rowe (English) was appointed director (appointed acting director retroactive to October 1, 1984). Anne Peplau (social psychology) was appointed associate director, retroactive to January 1, 1985.

1985-08-01 20:58:54

CSW Research Associates Programs

CSW initiated the Research Associates Programs with the appointment of Dr. Mitzi Myers, Dr. Barbara Kanner, and Dr. Emily Abel for 1985-1987.

1985-11-01 01:32:19

The Dark Madonna: Women, Culture, and Community Rituals

This was CSW’s most ambitious conference at the time.

1986-02-26 04:41:06

10th Anniversary of UCLA’s Women’s Studies Program

1986-10-20 14:35:28

Friends of CSW

First major event for the Friends of the Center for the Study of Women, which was conceived in 1985 as a means to generate support from community members for faculty research and student fellowships.

1986-10-31 05:45:56

Women, Culture and Society: A Public Lecture Series

First Lecture for "Women, Culture and Society: A Public Lecture Series."

1987-02-21 06:03:33

Women: Culture, Conflict, and Consensus

As the founder of the UC Council of Women’s Programs, CSW hosted the first University of California Conference, which involved over 70 participating scholars from all nine UC campuses and attracted an audience of over 450.

1987-04-14 08:20:16

“Tell Me a Riddle” and “At 75” by Tillie Olsen

Women’s Studies Regents’ Lecturer Tillie Olsen gave several public presentations, “Tell Me a Riddle” and “At 75.”

1987-05-01 08:20:16

Women at Work Conference

This day-long conference was the first cosponsorship with the Institute of Industrial Relations and the Institute for Social Science Research, designed specifically to highlight campus and CSW research in the area of women and work.

1987-07-08 07:49:30

Affiliated Scholars Luncheon

A luncheon gathering for the Affiliated Scholars Program, a program established to support independent scholars and faculty from other institutions.

1987-10-28 13:37:14

Reception Honoring New UCLA Women Faculty and Affiliated Scholars at CSW

1988-02-20 16:23:10

Women at Work II Conference

Second annual conference “Women at Work II,” cosponsored by CSW, the Institute of Industrial Relations, and the Institute for Social Science Research at UCLA.

1988-05-26 03:49:28

From Patriarchy to Partnership

Friends of the Center dinner event, “From Patriarchy to Partnership”

1988-06-02 07:33:56

NCROW Annual Meeting

CSW was the first West Coast center to host the National Council for Research on Women (NCROW) annual meeting, bringing together the directors of the major national centers for three days of intensive meetings.

1988-06-10 21:52:38

Mary Wollstonecraft Dissertation Prize

The Mary Wollstonecraft Dissertation Prize was awarded to its first recipient, Dr. Constance Coiner.

1988-08-01 03:51:01

Scholarly Research Exchange with EWHA Woman’s University

CSW inaugurated a scholarly research exchange with EWHA Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea, with the second session funded by the UC Education Abroad Program in June 1989.

1989-01-01 00:10:49

Anne Peplau and Carrie Menkel-Meadow Appointed Acting Co-Directors

Anne Peplau (social psychology) and Carrie Menkel-Meadow (law) were appointed acting co-directors.

1989-03-01 03:19:18

Ford Ethnic Women’s Curriculum Transformation Project

The Ford Ethnic Women’s Curriculum Transformation Project (FEW) was initiated, funded by the Ford Foundation.

1989-10-20 06:31:44

Women and the French Revolution Conference

The "Women and the French Revolution" Conference was held and organized by CSW and attended by over 175 people.

1989-10-24 22:28:27

Feminist Research Seminar

The Faculty Research Seminar on Women was revised as the Feminist Research Seminar, with the first of the series being presented by Kimberle Crenshaw in “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory, and Antiracist Politics.”

1989-12-01 23:28:08

Mary Wollstonecraft Prize

Dr. Penny and Edwin Kanner endowed a special fund so that the annual Mary Wollstonecraft Prize could be given in perpetuity.

1990-04-28 00:00:00

Faculty Research Retreat

CSW hosted a Faculty Research Retreat entitled, “The Many Feminisms: The Diversity of Feminist Research,” which took place at the Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard, CA.

1990-06-11 18:27:15

Friends of the Center’s Second Annual Dinner

More than 100 guests attended the presentation of the Mary Wollstonecraft Prize to Nancy A. Matthews, PhD.

1990-07-01 17:56:28

Helen S. Astin Appointed Acting Director for 1990-1991

Helen Astin (education) stepped in as acting director.

1990-09-01 12:19:23

Travel Grant Program

The Travel Grant Program was first initiated in the Fall quarter to assist graduate students with travel expenses related to research. Forty-nine graduate students from 20 different departments/schools applied.

1991-03-01 03:44:46

Jean Stone Dissertation Fellowship

The Jean Stone Dissertation Fellowship, a $12,000 dissertation fellowship, was established by CSW Friends member Jean Stone. The inaugural fellowship was awarded to Mary O’Connor.

1991-04-01 00:20:25

Julia Wrigley as Acting Director

While Helen Astin was on sabbatical, Julia Wrigley (education/sociology) became acting director until June 30, 1991.

1991-04-19 05:20:21

1st Graduate Student Research Conference

CSW sponsored a graduate student research conference as a much-needed opportunity for graduate students to present their work in a public forum.

1991-09-01 06:14:32

Brown Bag Lunch Seminars

A new series of Brown Bag Lunch seminars were conceived as a community-building device as well as an opportunity for faculty to share their work-in-progress with their colleagues and obtain valuable feedback.

1992-02-27 06:14:32

Learning from Latin America: Women’s Struggles for Livelihood

For this conference, 23 Latin American and North American scholars presented papers or commentary based on current research on poor women’s struggles for subsistence in light of the prolonged economic crisis in Latin America.

1992-04-01 16:07:56

Kathryn Norberg Appointed Director

Kathryn Norberg (history) assumed the directorship of CSW.

1992-04-20 16:38:43

2nd Annual Graduate Student Research Conference

The 2nd Annual Graduate Student Research Conference featured a keynote by Joyce Appleby, professor of history and president of the Organization of American Historians.

1992-10-29 12:15:56

On the Cutting Edge: UCLA Graduate Research on Women

This was organized by the Graduate Programs Committee and the Friends of the Center as a luncheon to honor graduate students who received CSW grants in the 1991-1992 cycle.

1993-01-01 21:10:36

Feminist Theory Series

The Feminist Theory Series was introduced by Professors Janet Bergstrom and Anne K. Mellor as a public forum for feminist theorizing.

1993-01-22 02:10:32

Commemoration of the Anniversary of "Roe v Wade"

Special lecture by Simon Heller from the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy in New York, “The Continuing Threat to the Right to Choose Abortion”.

1993-05-17 17:58:27

3rd Annual Graduate Student Research Conference

The 3rd Annual Graduate Student Research Conference with keynote by noted speaker and author, Carol Tavris.

1994-01-21 13:56:57

And Women Will Lead Us: Steering Higher Education into the 21st Century

More than 150 respondents hoped to come to this conference, but the January 17th 6.7 Northridge earthquake resulted in a modification of the conference (40 eventually attended). It featured Marguerite Archie Hudson and Alison Bernstein as keynote speakers.

1994-02-16 03:27:51

The Revolutionary Dialectic and Today's Women's Liberation Movement

1994-03-04 00:43:23

4th Annual Graduate Student Research Conference

The 4th Annual Graduate Student Research Conference was cosponsored by the University of Southern California.

1994-10-10 11:49:38

10th Anniversary of CSW

CSW celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special reception at the UCLA Faculty Center.

1995-01-24 20:44:18

Redefining Reproductive Choice

This was a special lecture by Sarah Franklin, professor of anthropology at Lancaster University in England, and was sponsored as part of the third annual commemoration of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

History of the UCLA Center for the Study of Women|Barbra Streisand Center

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