Walter Kerr 100th Anniversary


March 21, 2021 marked the 100th Anniversary of this historic theatre. The Walter Kerr Theatre was built in 1921, then called "The Ritz", and has been home to over 150 Broadway productions.;xNLx;;xNLx;Click "MORE" at the bottom of any individual show to find featured stories and additional content from those who've made the Walter Kerr their home over the last century.;xNLx;;xNLx;Join the celebration by sending your Kerr memories to for the chance to have your story featured!;xNLx;_____________________________;xNLx;Photo by Justin VanSoest

1921-03-21 01:01:01

Ritz Theatre opens

The Ritz Theatre, now the Walter Kerr, was designed by Herbert J. Krapp, and built by the Shuberts. It was erected in 66 days, a record in 1921.

1921-03-21 01:02:01

Mary Stuart / A Man About Town

Mary Stuart, written by John Drinkwater, was The Ritz's inaugural play, running as a joint production with A Man About Town.

1921-04-25 08:12:31

The Bad Man

A comedy in three acts by Porter Emerson Browne

1921-09-19 01:01:01

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

Robert Milton directed the four-act play starring Ina Claire. It was later made into a silent film starring Gloria Swanson.

1922-02-15 01:01:01

Madame Pierre

A comedy directed by Robert Milton

1922-05-08 01:01:01

The Advertising of Kate

Written by Annie Nathan Meyer, founder of Barnard College

1922-09-20 01:01:22


A comedy written by Clare Kummer, directed by Robert Milton

1922-11-29 01:01:01

It Is The Law

Written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Elmer Rice, American playwright, director, and novelist noted for his innovative and polemical plays.

1923-01-15 00:01:01

The Humming Bird

Written by and starring Maude Fulton

1923-02-19 01:01:01

The Sporting Thing To Do

A comedy produced by Oliver Morosco and written by Thompson Buchanan

1923-03-31 01:01:01

The Enchanted Cottage

Photo: Katharine Cornell in the dream scene of the Broadway production of The Enchanted Cottage

1923-08-06 00:01:01

In Love With Love

This comedy by Vincent Lawrence starred Lynn Fontanne and was directed by Robert Milton.

1923-11-20 00:00:01

Robert E. Lee

A play by English poet John Drinkwater

1923-12-20 01:01:01

The Business Widow

A comedy by playwright Gladys Unger

1924-01-07 01:00:01

Outward Bound

This play in three acts, written by Sutton Vane and directed by Robert Milton, featured Alfred Lunt.

1924-05-13 01:01:01

The Melody Man

A comedy written by Herbert Richard Lorenz

1924-06-02 01:01:00

The Fatal Wedding

A comedy written by Theodore Kremer

1924-06-26 01:01:01

Shooting Shadows

A farce written by Henry Fisk Carlton and William Ford Manley

1924-09-17 01:00:01

Hassard Short's Ritz Revue

The first musical ever to play The Ritz, this show was announced as having 100 people in the company, but opened with a significantly smaller cast.

1924-12-23 01:00:01

Old English

A play by John Galsworthy

1925-08-25 01:01:01

The Kiss In A Taxi

A comedy by Clifford Grey

1925-10-26 01:00:01

The Man with a Load of Mischief

A play by Ashley Dukes

1925-11-16 01:01:01

The Offense

A play by Mordaunt Shairp

1925-11-24 01:01:01

Young Blood

A play by James Forbes

1926-01-26 00:00:01

A Weak Woman

A comedy by Ernest Boyd

1926-03-08 00:01:01

Find Daddy

A comedy by Tadema Bussiere

1926-03-15 01:01:01

90 Horse Power

A comedy by Francis Dewitt

1926-04-05 01:01:01

Beau Gallant

A play by Stuart Oliver

1926-08-31 01:01:01

Potash and Perlmutter, Detectives

A comedy by Jules Eckert Goodman and Montague Glass

1926-11-01 01:01:01

Loose Ends

A drama by Dion Titheradge

1926-12-07 01:01:01

This Woman Business

A comedy by Benn W. Levy

1926-12-27 01:01:01

The Padre

A play adapted by Stanley Logan

1927-01-13 01:01:01

Bye, Bye, Bonnie

A musical comedy with music by Albert von Tilzer, book by Bide Dudley, and lyrics by Neville Fleeson

1927-03-15 01:01:01

That French Lady

A comedy by Samuel Shipman and Neil Twomey

1927-03-29 01:01:01

The Legend of Leonora

A comedy by James M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan

1927-04-22 01:01:01

The Thief

A play in three acts, written by Henri Bernstein, book adapted by C. Haddon Chambers, and staged by Lionel Atwill.

1927-08-18 01:01:01

What the Doctor Ordered

A farce by Caesar Dunn

1927-10-11 01:01:01

White Lights

A musical featuring music by J. Fred Coots, book by Paul Gerard Smith and Leo Donnelly, and lyrics by Al Dubin and Dolph Singer.

1927-12-19 01:01:01

Playing the Game

A play by Bruce Reynolds

1927-12-26 01:00:01

Excess Baggage

A musical comedy written by John McGowan featuring songs with lyrics by Lew Brown, Buddy DeSylva and Ray Henderson.

1928-09-11 00:01:01

The Great Power

A drama by Myron C. Fagan

1928-10-08 01:01:01


A drama by Tom Barry

1929-09-02 00:01:01

Soldiers and Women

A drama by George Tilton and Paul Hervey Fox

1929-11-05 01:01:01

Broken Dishes

A comedy by Martin Flavin. CLICK "MORE" to read about a controversial marketing ploy!

1930-01-06 01:01:01

Mendel, Inc.

The Ritz was the second of four different theatres MENDEL, INC. played at from November 1929 to April 1930.

1930-03-10 00:01:01

This Man's Town

A drama by Willard Robertson

1930-03-25 01:01:01

Dear Old England

A comedy by H.F. Maltby, directed and produced by Elwood F. Bostwick

1930-08-28 01:01:01


A comedy by Marya Mannes featuring Georgia Caine, an American actress who performed both on Broadway and in more than 80 films in her 51-year career.

1930-09-27 01:01:01

Nine Till Six

A drama by playwrights Aimee Stuart and Philip Stewart, produced by Lee Shubert

1930-10-20 01:01:01

Sisters of the Chorus

A comedy by Martin Mooney

Walter Kerr 100th Anniversary

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