The Boris Johnson government

2019-07-23 00:00:00

Boris Johnson elected leader of the Conservative Party

Boris Johnson is elected leader of the Conservative Party, and by consequence the Prime Minister, taking over the reins from Theresa May.

2019-10-04 00:00:00

Govt pledge of higher pay hangs the least advantaged out to dry

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, said he would extend the right to the National Living Wage, but young workers and those on insecure contracts still miss out.

2019-10-18 00:00:00

Govt urge dissatisfied workers to become careworkers

The government is pinning its recruitment hopes on those currently dissatisfied in their jobs, despite the poor pay, long hours and high turnover in social care.

2019-10-18 00:00:00

Modern slavery victim toll rising

Despite government reports that investigations are on the increase, experts warn that the number of victims is rising too.

2019-10-25 00:00:00

Northern Irish health workers getting left behind in pay deals

NHS workers in Northern Ireland are being forgotten when it comes to improvements in pay and conditions, public services union, Unison, has warned.

2019-11-01 00:55:42

Leaked document reveals govt plan to tear up workers’ rights

A leaked document seen by the Financial Times has revealed the government's plans to dilute workers' rights after the UK leaves the EU.

2019-11-01 23:02:43

Govt proposes consultation on making employers provide references

Business Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, claimed that such legislation would prevent employers threatening would-be whistleblowers with reference withdrawal.

2019-11-15 20:49:13

Govt plans to amend Human Rights Act would contravene the European Convention on Human Rights

The Conservative Party has proposed to amend the Human Rights Act so as to prevent the investigation of British soldiers accused of the murder of Irish citizens during the Troubles.

2019-12-12 12:52:10

Boris Johnson's govt wins election

The Conservative Party won the election with a significant majority of 330 seats, allowing it to pass legislation with little challenge from the opposition.

2019-12-19 00:00:00

Govt promises to seek a cross-party consensus on social care strategy

The Tory Manifesto promise to seek cross-party consensus was included in the Queen's speech, although with many differing views in Parliament it will be interesting to see how this can be achieved.

2019-12-19 00:02:42

Govt will limit trade union rights for transport staff

Boris Johnson says he will ensure “minimum levels of service during transport strikes”.

2019-12-19 05:16:45

Govt promises to "encourage" flexible working

In the Queen's speech, the govt promises to hold a consultation on the right to request flexible working conditions says it will introduce a right to leave for care duties (possibly unpaid).

2019-12-19 20:58:03

Govt promises to enshrine NHS funding in law

In the Queen’s speech at the end of last year, the Conservatives cemented their plans to enshrine in law the NHS’s multi-year funding settlement. The details of this plan are yet to be announced.

2020-01-01 01:24:50

Govt will make "seismic changes" to civil service

Rachel Wolf, a Tory adviser who had a hand in drawing up the Conservative Manifesto during the last General Election, has written in the Daily Telegraph that Boris Johnson is preparing to make “seismic” changes to the Civil Service.

2020-01-09 04:06:40

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill passes

Under the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, the UK will leave the EU on January 31 2020 and the government will aim to agree a Free Trade Agreement with the trade bloc within the following 11 months.

2020-01-14 01:05:39

Govt falls well short of two wage promises

The annual raise in the minimum wage falls short of the govt's own 2015 targets and a Manifesto promise to raise pay is revealed to have some important caveats.

2020-01-17 14:26:03

Probations Services inspectorate says working conditions "unreasonable"

Probation staff face unreasonable workloads, inadequate training and poor working conditions, the Inspectorate warned.

2020-01-17 22:45:48

NHS Long Term Plan Funding Bill enters Parliament

The Bill will enshrine in law the Prime Minister’s promise to provide an extra £33.9 billion every year to reach an annual cash injection of £148.5 billion by 2024.

2020-01-31 23:02:01

UK leaves the EU

The UK officially leaves the European Union, but a transition period is set to end on 31 December 2020, in which time the govt must agree a future working relationship with the bloc.

2020-02-03 22:43:23

Migration rules will trigger social care crisis, govt warned

The Migration Advisory Committee has criticised Boris Johnson's immigration rules as "unworkable" and put forth its own, but Unison says both plans would lead to a social care crisis.

2020-02-03 23:32:19

Johnson hints that UK will drop EU social and environmental protections

The government is setting out its aims for trade talks, with Boris Johnson hinting that it may drop social protections like workers’ rights as well as environmental regulations.

2020-02-14 10:41:45

Govt to reduce migrant salary threshold to £25,600

The government plans to reduce the salary threshold for migrants taking up jobs in the UK to £25,600 from £30,000, the BBC has reported.

2020-02-14 14:40:06

Over 2,000 lollipop men and women cut since 2010

More than 2,000 lollipop men and women have lost their jobs since 2010, when a Conservative-led government first came into power.

2020-02-21 16:22:59

Downing St faces unfair dismissal claim after aide 'frogmarched" out

An aide sacked by Dominic Cummings then bundled out of Downing Street by armed police has launched an unfair dismissal claim against the government.

2020-02-21 16:32:06

Priti Patel plans to block migrants & fill their jobs with ‘inactive’ Brits

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, this week confirmed the government’s intention to implement a points-based immigration system in post-Brexit UK, telling critics that jobs left vacant from reduced migration will be filled with those who are currently “economically inactive” – largely due to sickness and disability.

2020-02-21 16:32:06

Plan to retain 18.5k nurses possibly watered down, govt emails reveal

Leaked emails have revealed the government’s much-touted plans to retain 18,500 nurses are ‘unclear’.

2020-02-21 16:32:06

Solicitor General refuses to rule out withdrawal from human rights law

Michael Ellis, the Solicitor General, has refused to rule out the UK’s withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights during Parliamentary questioning.

2020-02-21 16:32:07

UK Brexit lead confirms no level playing field, and no jurisdiction for the ECJ

Chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, has confirmed that the UK will reject any level playing field provisions on workers’ rights and environmental protections, and that it will not accept any oversight from the European Court of Justice.

2020-02-28 00:05:10

Fears UK is deporting victims of modern slavery

Some of those being deported by the government are suspected to be victims of modern slavery who have not yet had a chance to make their case, lawyers have told The Independent.

2020-02-28 15:59:30

Johnson threatens no deal Brexit by end of June

Boris Johnson has threatened to crash out of the EU by the end of June – just four months away – if the broad outline of his preferred deal has not been agreed.

2020-03-06 02:12:18

Poorest fifth no better off now than they were in 2004

The Office for National Statistics has warned that low-paid workers have seen significant falls in their disposable income.

2020-03-06 09:56:27

Govt ignores millions of precarious workers during Covid outbreak

There has been no help provided for the millions of workers who are not eligible for statutory sick pay and those who cannot afford to live on a lower income.

2020-03-06 10:50:30

Priti Patel row adds to concerns over govt devaluing of workers’ rights

Senior civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam resigned last weekend before publicly launching a legal complaint against Home Secretary, Priti Patel.

2020-03-06 12:29:35

Doctors warn NHS will not withstand Coronavirus

Poor staffing levels and underfunding has left the NHS poorly prepared for the outbreak, doctors say.

2020-03-09 12:28:44

Govt warned migrant crackdown will lead to social care 'black hole'

GMB analysis of official data has revealed that over 350,000 workers in adult social care are migrants – almost a fifth of the sector’s entire workforce – and around 115,000 of them have come to the UK from an EU country.

2020-03-13 08:11:09

UK sick pay nearly worst in Europe and in breach of international law

UK's Statutory Sick Pay was found to breach the European Social Charter two years ago, but nothing has been done.

2020-03-13 12:28:44

DWP discriminates against disabled workers more than any other employer

A new BBC Panaroma investigation has revealed the department is particularly inept at following equality law.

2020-04-17 04:48:06

Furloughed workers can be paid less than minimum wage

Because there is no 'floor' to the Job Retention Scheme, low paid workers may be falling below the National Minimum Wage when their pay is cut to 80%.

2020-04-17 12:11:47

No law in place to ensure Covid-secure workplaces

As Wales legislates to put a duty on employers to ensure social distancing can be achieved in the workplace, the UK leaves it up to the HSE, TUC and CBI to beg employers to do the right thing.

2020-04-17 12:17:50

Care workers still do not have access to PPE

Unions warn that social care workers on the front line of the Coronavirus pandemic do not have access to the PPE necessary to quell the spread.

2020-04-17 12:20:13

Cash-strapped public sector claims it cannot afford to pay fair wage

Public sector employers agree with unions that key workers risking their lives to fight Covid-19 deserve a fair pay deal, but claim government austerity policies have left them too cash-strapped to do so.

2020-04-27 16:22:14

Key workers on lower wages than the average Brit, figures show

New figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) have shown that key workers are paid an average of 8% less than non-key workers.

2020-06-05 03:38:15

Govt plans "army" of unpaid labour for railways

Rail union RMT warns that thousands of volunteers will be recruited into 'safety critical' roles after a "backroom deal" made by the government.

2020-06-05 08:54:36

EHRC launches inquiry into BAME Covid-19 deaths

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched an inquiry into the “long-standing, structural race inequality” that has led to a disproportionate number of people of colour to lose their lives or their livelihoods during the Coronavirus crisis.

2020-06-05 09:44:04

PCS threatens to strike over voting queue chaos

MPs are being made to stand in 90-minute queues in order to vote in Westminster after virtual Parliament was scrapped.

2020-06-08 12:28:44

Schools dismiss govt instruction to reopen

Teachers are not confident that the workplace can be properly made safe.

2020-06-12 06:38:10

Economy shrinks by record 20.4%

With millions of jobs at risk, the TUC has called on the government to set up a national recovery council with unions and business.

2020-06-12 08:08:20

Govt ignores one in three recommendations to improve social mobility

The government has performed particularly poorly when it comes to improving access to employment and fair wages.

2020-06-12 09:18:43

Doctors to take govt to court over failure to provide PPE

Human rights laws require the government to conduct an urgent inquiry into the contribution of the State to workers' deaths, doctors claim.

2020-06-22 02:42:20

Social care deprioritised, opposition warns

Social care has not been made the priority it should be during the Coronavirus crisis and is at risk of being ignored once more, Labour has said.

The Boris Johnson government

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