Military mission to support RAMSI concludes

With the agreement of the Solomon Islands Government and in acknowledgement that the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force are a capable force that is able to maintain law and order, there is no longer a requirement to maintain a military presence within the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

2003-07-17 08:56:13

Solomon Islands Government authorises RAMSI

The Solomon Islands parliament authorises the presence of RAMSI under the auspices of the October 2000 Biketawa Declaration of the Pacific Islands Forum with the intent to restore law and order and to assist with the proper functioning of the government.

2003-07-24 08:56:13

Military and police Support arrive

An international security contingent of 2,200 police and troops, along with development advisors and public servants arrives in Solomon Islands to support RAMSI

2003-08-21 08:56:13

Weapons amnesty and destruction

The destruction of weapons at Marau, south east of Honiara, occurred on the last day of the Solomon Island gun amnesty on the 21 August 2003. The weapons at Marau were destroyed at a ceremony in front of hundreds of locals as well as representatives from the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI). RAMSI is now focused on locating weapons not handed in during the amnesty as part of the process to re-establish law and order in Solomon Islands.

2003-11-07 08:56:13

Navy personnel return home

More than 260 men and women sailed into Sydney Harbour onboard Royal Australian Navy amphibious ship, HMAS Manoora, after being away for six months, of which over three months were spent on operational duty in the Solomon Islands.

2004-12-22 21:17:09

APS Officer Adam Dunning killed

Australian Protective Service Officer Adam Dunning was killed in an ambush while on a routine patrol in Honiara. Adam Dunning was an active ADF Reservist with No. 28 (City of Canberra) Squadron

2004-12-28 21:17:09

Rapid response to security incident

In response to the death of APS Officer Adam Dunning, a Rifle Company Group from the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment was rapidly deployed to Solomon Islands. The strengthened military presence will support police in carrying out their work to complete the restoration of law and order in the Solomon Islands.

2005-03-10 21:17:09

PTE Jamie Clark dies in accident

Private Jamie Clark died while on patrol searching for possible weapon caches after he fell into a sink hole

2006-04-18 11:46:39

Honiara Riots

Unrest and looting in Honiara occurred after the election of a new SOlomon Islands government. Rioters targeted central Honiara and China-town, which suffered major damage by fire.

2006-04-19 11:46:39

Australia and New Zealand respond

In response to a request from the Solomon Islands Government, the Australian Prime Minister approved the immediate deployment of the Ready Company Group from Townsville, the addition of an Infantry Company from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, helicopters, a Navy Patrol Boat and RAAF Air Field Defence Guards. The New Zealand Defence Force sent a further rifle company and 30 police

2006-12-01 11:46:39

Army Reserves take charge

The Australian Army transitions to a Reserve Company Group of approximately 140 personnel in support of the Combined Task Force that includes NZ, Tonga and PNG Defence personnel.

2007-04-02 11:46:39

Australia sends help after tsunami

Approximately 30 ADF members from RAMSI supplemented a medical contingent of 29 ADF personnel to support relief efforts following a tsunami.

2008-02-28 20:41:22

Routine patrols keep the peace

West Australian Army Reserve soldier Private Tony Yates greets a local during a patrol around the palm oil plantation at Mbalisuna.

2008-09-07 20:41:22

School books go to a good home

Warrant Officer Class 2 Sid Davis gives some school books and other useful items donated by Pte Jamie Clark's mother, Avril Clark to local children in Mbarana village.

2008-11-24 20:41:22

Medical aid delivered during community out reach visit

Army Reserve Medic, Private Vanessa Noordermeer readies to perform a medical clinic during a visit by soldiers from Combined Task Force 635 (CTF635) to a small villiage. The Australian soldiers of CTF635 are predominately Army Reservists and are deployed to Solomon Islands under Operation ANODE. Operation ANODE is the name of the ADF contribution to the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI). RAMSI's mission is to assist the Solomon Islands' Government in restoring law and order, economic governance, and improving the machinery of government.

2009-06-25 20:41:22

Royal Solomon Islands Police Take to the Streets

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Constable Luke Sale interviews local villagers with assistance from Lance Corporal Sean Fitton during a routine patrol.

2009-07-04 20:41:22

Army Reserve employers thanked

Local Solomon Islanders entertain Boss Lift participants prior to a village feast. Employers of the Army Reservists currently deployed to Solomon Islands on Operation ANODE have taken the opportunity to see for themselves what life is really like for their employees currently serving the nation overseas, as part of the Australian Defence Force’s Boss Lift program. The ADF’s Boss Lift program is designed to inform and promote to employers and the broader community the training, skills and capabilities that reservists bring to the civilian workplace. Boss Lift activities provide participants with first hand experience of the type of work and training their civilian employees undertake when rendering Defence Reserve service. Boss Lift promotes an employer environment sympathetic to the release of Reservists to meet ADF operational and capability needs.

2009-11-09 20:41:22

Tongan patrols reach out

Tongan Lance Corporal Christopher Pou'uhila, left, Australian signaller Private Guy Jensen and Royal Solomon Islands Police Force explosive ordnance technician Noel Bako patrol at Hell's Point near Honiara in Solomon Islands. Tongans, Australians and New Zealanders worked closely together on Rotation 19 of Operation ANODE in Solomon Islands.

2010-02-12 03:56:12

Role of RAMSI discussed

Pastor Robin discusses his views on the topic 'RAMSI Transition- Scaling down of RAMSI' with Lance Corporal Erica Rosewarne and Royal Solomon Islands Police Officer Vivian Foantona during the 'Walkabout Tok Tok' facilitated by The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), members of the Australian Defence Force and the Participating Police Force.

2011-06-01 08:24:17

Next rotation of PNG troops depart

Papua New Guinea Defence Force soldiers have provided a platoon of infantry on rotation with the Tongan Defence Services as part of CTF 635, in support of RAMSI

2011-12-09 08:24:17

NSW Reservists return home

More than 100 soldiers from the NSW-based 5th Brigade have returned home after a four-month peacekeeping operation with the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). The contingent’s welcome home parade was held at Sydney’s Victoria Barracks on 7 December, officiated by the Honorary Colonel of the Royal New South Wales Regiment, Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of New South Wales.

2012-06-18 07:34:58

Kiwi soldiers depart for Solomon service

Rotation 16 of NZ Defence Force personnel departed for a four month deployment to the Solomon Islands, supporting the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). The contingent, made up of personnel from 2nd/1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (2/1 RNZIR) and supporting units, worked alongside the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), the Participating Police Force and the Australian, Tongan and Papua New Guinean military personnel to maintain security and stability.

2013-02-06 07:34:58

Australian Government provides assistance to earthquake victims

AusAID worked closely with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), NGOs and partners to respond to the disaster. Following a formal request from Solomon Islands Government, Australia’s initial aid contribution of A$300,000 (SBD $2.25 million) supported the emergency response which helped to deliver food and medical supplies to Temotu. In addition, RAAF aerial reconnaissance of was also undertaken over the disaster-affected areas. This early aerial reconnaissance by the Royal Australian Air Force allowed NDMO to assess the full extent of the disaster, and allowed officials and first responders to concentrate their effort where it was most needed.

2013-03-24 18:28:51

Last rotation of soldiers deploy to support RAMSI

The 30th Rotation of peacekeeping troops to deploy to the Solomon Islands to support the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) have left Australia. Approximately 7,500 Australian Defence Force personnel have served in the Solomon Islands in support of RAMSI on Operation ANODE since the mission began in 2003. Commander 4th Brigade Brigadier Michael Annett, CSC said the parade marked the end of a demanding and comprehensive training program for the deploying troops and also praised the families and employers who have supported them.

2013-05-03 05:10:08

Defence White Paper confirms military mission to finish

The 2013 Defence White Paper has four priorities that include defending Australia, taking the lead in the South Pacific and East Timor, working with its partners in the Asia-Pacific and contributing to global operations, such as Afghanistan.

Military mission to support RAMSI concludes

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