Digital Mapping of Mrs. Dalloway

This is our English 1102 Assignment 3. It is a digital mapping of the present and flashback moments in Mrs. Dalloway.

Authors: Julia Cochran, Nathaniel Anderson, Melissa Bergin, Jennifer Hwang, Ikenna Omekam

1923-06-15 10:00:00

Introduction to Mrs. Dalloway... Flowers

We are introduced to the novel, Mrs. Dalloway, with Clarissa Dalloway embarking on an "adventure" to obtain flowers from a shop. This event marks the beginning of Dalloway's adventure throughout the city.

1923-06-15 10:00:15

Clarissa Dalloway:Old friendships

Clarissa reminiscent about her relationship with Huey. To the readers, Huey can be seen as a figure that Clarissa can relate to, and could possibly a character that has had a long, lasting relationship with Clarissa. It is also hinted that their friendship dated back all the way to her late teen years and early twenties.

1923-06-15 10:09:18

A failed relationship... Peter and Clarissa

Clarissa Dalloway reflects on her relationship with peter. Apparently, the park, St. James, was an important area for them because the park is always referenced when associating Peter and Clarissa being together. In this particular flashback, Clarissa and Peter are meeting at this park. This area later becomes the site where Clarissa and Peter discuss their relationship and evenually break up.

1923-06-15 10:09:19

Clarissa's Origins... Where is she from?

Clarissa vaguely mentions the amount of time she has spent living in London. It is revealed that at least 20 years before the events of the book take place, Clarissa Dalloway actually lived elsewhere. This could be a foreshadow that past characters that may be introduced later on in the story may have origins or connections in the same area that Clarissa grew up or lived in

1923-06-15 10:25:38

Hugh, Peter, and Clarissa

During Clarissa's recollection of her relationship with Peter, she mentions how Hugh will never forgive her for dating Peter, which can suggest that at one point, Hugh and Peter interacted with each other, which ended up Hugh disliking Peter.

1923-06-15 10:30:29

Septimus and beginning thoughts of Suicide

Septimus informs Reiza of his desires to kill himself. This decision was absolutely the influence of the war on Septimus. Before the start of the events in the novel, Septimus participated in the War. After returning, he gained Shell Shock, which are merely violent recollections of his experiences. The burden of these memories have deteriotated Septimus' will power, which in turn, are what are causing his desires for suicide. This news upsets Reiza greatly.

1923-06-15 10:45:37

The Backfire...What was it...?

The backfire serves as one of the firs moments in the book where characters are drawn together by an event. Up until now, we have been folowing Clarissa Dalloway head to the flower shop. However, with this event, we get an introduction to Reiza, Septimus, and other characters, The Backfire is actually what triggers Septimus' flashbacks about the war, thus introducing a major plot line for the audience.

1923-06-15 10:45:57


Dalloway returns home in an almost defeated fashion.She reflects on her isolation, and consoles herself, stating that she enjoys it. She reflects on how she has failed Richard

1923-06-15 10:51:39

The Plane

A plane flies over the characters, displaying a set of words. Each character has their own interpretation of the word, and the eventual conclusion is that the words spelled TOFFEE

1923-06-15 10:55:32

The Kiss... a Religious Feeling!

“Sally stopped, picked up a flower; kissed her on the lips. The whole world might have turned upside down! The others disappeared; there she was alone with Sally. And she felt that she had been given a present, wrapped up, and told just to keep it, and not look at it—a diamond, something infinitely precious, wrapped up, which, as they walked, she uncovered, or as the radiance burnt through, the revelation, the religious feeling!” (35)

1923-06-15 11:20:00

An Unexpected Visit

Mrs Dalloway is surprised to find Peter Walsh at her front door for an unexpected visit. It has been five years since Peter has even been to London because he has been living in India.

1923-06-15 11:23:00

Peter's Silence

Peter and Clarissa were sitting out on the Terrace at Bourton, but Peter was unable to communicate his true feelings for Clarissa. His timidness and failure to address his feelings to her later led to their separation.

1923-06-15 11:25:00

Peter's Tears and Clarissa's Kiss

Peter and Clarissa were reminiscing and discussing where their lives had been since they had last seen each other. Suddenly Peter burst into tears while sitting on the couch with Clarissa during his visit. Clarissa moved closer to him and then kissed him.

1923-06-15 11:30:00

Peter Leaves

Peter asks Clarissa, "Are you happy?" (Woolf 46) Elizabeth enters before Clarissa can respond. Peter leaves, and Clarissa shouts to him, "remember my party tonight!" (Woolf 47). Peter is both stunned and disgusted at this remark because she knows that he despises her social status obsession.

1923-06-15 11:35:00

Peter Dreams

While waiting on his appointment with a lawyer, Peter falls asleep and dreams. Peter dreams about a solitary traveler who conceives of different images of women. The traveler is actually Peter and by the end of the dream a lady askes if she can get the traveler anything else, but (waking up) he cannot think of who to respond to. He wakes up saying "the death of the soul." (Woolf 57), flustered by the strange dream.

1923-06-15 11:45:00

Flashback to Bourton in the 1890s

Peter flashbacks to Bourton in the early 1890s. Upon hearing about a neighbor who had a baby before marriage, Clarissa reacts in a judgmental and rude tone that shocks the others around her. Peter knows Clarissa wants to marry Richard Dalloway, and later he confronts her about it. Peter asks what is to become of them [Peter and Clarissa], and she responds to him saying, "I'm only amusing myself with you" (Woolf 63) and walked away. Heartbroken, Peter left Bourton that night.

1923-06-15 11:48:00

Suicidal Septimus

There is a flashback to Septimus and Rezia sitting by a river. Septimus says that they should kill themselves, and he claims that he "knows the how the wicked world is, and [knows] all of their thoughts." (Woolf 65).

1923-06-15 11:49:30

Peter relives the pain Clarissa caused

Peter is sitting in Regent's Park contemplating his life when he remembers the torture Clarissa caused him. He says that "It was impossible that he should ever suffer again as Clarissa had made him suffer" (77). He feels embarrassed that the Dalloway's see him as a failure. However he decides that he does not care about what the Dalloway's think about him.

1923-06-15 11:50:00

An Old Friend

Septimus and Rezia are sitting in Regents Park waiting on an appointment, when Septimus thinks a man ,named Evans, is walking towards him. Evans was his old officer and friend during the war [World War I]. The man walking towards them is actually Peter who is marveled by the couple and their youth-like problems.

1923-06-15 11:50:00

Going to see sir william bradshaw

Rezia reflects on her unhappiness On her way to go see Sir William Bradshaw who was to cure Septimus, Rezia was worried about doing anything to draw attention to themselves after she questions "was there, after all, anything to draw attention to them, anything to make a passer-by suspect here is a young man who carries in him the greatest message in the world, and is, moreover, the happiest man in the world, and the most miserable?" (81).

1923-06-15 11:55:00

septimus's background is explained

Septimus was one of the first people to volunteer for the European War. He did very well and was quickly promoted. After this, he met a fellow officer named Evans who he really liked. They became close friends. However, Evans was killed in Italy and Septimus realized that he felt nothing. He met Rezia shortly after and married her, even though he continued to not feel. Rezia was always working on her hats while Septimus read Shakespeare. Rezia decided she wanted to have a son just like Septimus. However, his opinion on that was bringing children into the world would only "perpetuate suffering" (87).

1923-06-15 11:55:30

The Great British Empire

Peter is amazed at the high level of sophistication in the civilization around him, and the changes that have taken place since he was last in London five years ago. He notices that there are more buildings, the city seems busier, the newspapers are filled with new stories, and women are beginning to wear more makeup...

1923-06-15 11:59:00

Rezia finds a doctor

Rezia had been crying and Septimus clearly heard her, but he felt nothing. She contacted Dr. Holmes to examine him, yet he found nothing wrong! This made Septimus upset and feel like "there was no excuse; nothing whatever the matter, except the sin for which human nature had condemned him to death; that he did not feel" (89). Dr. Holmes continued to come and tried to help Septimus but nothing worked. Septimus mentioned killing himself to Rezia.

1923-06-15 12:00:00

Meeting with Sir Wiliiam Bradshaw

It only took a short period of time after meeting Septimus for Sir William Bradshaw to realize he was "a case of complete breakdown --complete physical and nervous breakdown" (93). Sir William asked about his experience with Dr. Holmes as well as his service in the War. Septimus begins to say that he has committed a terrible crime. Rezia admits that Septimus threatened to kill himself. In the end Sir William thinks that Septimus should go to one of his homes without Rezia to rest and get better.

1923-06-15 12:00:30

Sally's Debate and the Unanticipated Kiss

Peter recalls Sally and Hugh debating on women's rights at Bourton. She remarks that he represents "all that was most detestable in British Middle-Class life." ( 71) They continue to bicker about politics, the rigid social structure, and the social norms that Sally was strongly refuting. However, Hugh later kissed Sally while they were sitting in the smoking room.

1923-06-15 12:30:48

Rezia reflects on the visit with Sir William

Rezia was not happy with the visit with Sir William. She felt that her and her husband had been deserted. Rezia notes that it is the "Naked, defenceless, the exhausted, the friendless [who] recieved the impress of Sir William's will...He shut people up. It was this combination of decision and humanity that endeared Sir William so greatly to the relations of his victims" (99-100). However, she "cried, walking down Harley Street, that she did not like that man" (100). She thinks that after 30 years of working, Sir William just bases everything off of a sense of proportion and regularity.

1923-06-15 13:30:48

Lady Bruton, Richard, and Hugh have lunch

Lady Bruton reveals her preference for Mr. Dalloway and expresses to the audience that she brought the two men there under false pretenses. Lady Bruton asks how Clarissa is doing which causes the narrator to reveal that Lady Bruton and Clarissa might not always get along. Lady Bruton also volunteers the information that Peter Walsh is back in town, most likely because he "is in trouble with some woman" (105). She reveals that she invited Hugh and Richard over so that they can help her write a letter to the Times about emigration to Canada.

1923-06-15 14:30:48

Richard and Hugh look in an antique shop

After lunch with Lady Bruton, Richard Dalloway and Hugh Whitbread went into an antique shop. Hugh was looking at a necklace. He was asking for Mr. Dubonet because he knew Mrs. Whitbread's measurements so well. Richard found this odd, "For he never gave Clarissa presents" (110).

1923-06-15 14:35:48

Richard contemplates Clarissa

Richard thinks it is weird that Hugh is looking for a gift for his wife. Richard remembers that it has been almost 3 years since he purchased something for Clarissa. It makes him sad to think of this because he realizes that she never wore even wore the braclet. This point leads his thoughts to Peter Walsh.

1923-06-15 14:45:48

Richard wants to buy something for clarissa

Richard decides that he just must have a present for Clarissa when he comes home that day. "Flowers? Yes, flowers, since he did not trust his taste in gold" (112) was the decision Richard made. He picked flowers for her and went home to tell his wife Clarissa that he loved her. He knew that she had once truly loved Peter Walsh. However, he also believed her when she stated that she was right not to marry him. "Happiness is this," (114) Richard thought.

1923-06-15 15:00:00

Richard arrives at the house and has a conversation with Clarissa

Richard returns home with roses in hand to express the love he cannot say out loud. He tells Clarissa about his lunch with Hugh and Millicent Bruton. Right before he leaves, he frustrates Clarissa by giving her a pillow and quilt and saying, "An hour's complete rest after luncheon" (117).

1923-06-15 15:20:00

Clarissa Talks to Elizabeth and Ms. Kilman Before They Leave for the Store.

While Clarissa is resting, Elizabeth enters the room to say goodbye because she is leaving to go to the Army and Navy Stores with Miss Kilman.

1923-06-15 15:20:00

How Miss Kilman Started Working for the Dalloways

Miss Kilman was fired from working as a teacher because she was German. Mr. Dalloway comes across her while she was working for "the Friends." He offers her a job teaching his daughter history, and she does some Extension learning as well. Miss Kilman also reflects on the fact that she became religious two years and three months ago.

1923-06-15 15:35:00

Ms. Kilman and Elizabeth Shop and Have Tea

Elizabeth and Miss Kilman head to the petticoats department at the Army and Navy Stores. Afterwards, they have tea and discuss whether Elizabeth is going to her mother's party. Miss Kilman, in her thoughts, is in agony from the idea of being forgotten by Elizabeth or Elizabeth is repulsed by her.

1923-06-15 15:50:00

Ms. Kilman goes to Westminster Cathedral and Abbey.

Miss Kilman goes to Westminster Abbey, which is down the street from the Army and Navy Stores. She heads into Westminster Abbey, and she " aspire above the vanities, the desires, the commodities, to rid herself both of hatred and of love" (130).

1923-06-15 15:50:00

Elizabeth Explores the City

Elizabeth boards an omnibus from Victoria Street and heads up to the Strand. She walks a little way towards St. Paul's, feeling like an adventurer, before she turns back toward the Strand. Then she boards the Westminster omnibus to head back home.

1923-06-15 15:50:00

Septimus and Rezia Talk

Rezia is sewing a hat for Mrs. Peters, a neighbor's married daughter. Septimus and Rezia have a normal conversation. Rezia is ecstatic because it is the first time that Septimus has acted normal in a while. When a small girl comes with the newspaper, Rezia talks to her, while Septimus falls asleep, tired, but happy.

1923-06-15 17:45:00

Septimus Wakes Up in Terror

Septimus wakes up terrified and alone, since Rezia is gone to bring the child to its mother. Rezia bursts into the room and sits on the sofa. She and Septimus have a conversation where Septimus asks why Bradshaw can tell him what to do. Septimus tells Rezia to burn the things he has written.

1923-06-15 17:46:00

Rezia Remembers How She and Septimus Met

Septimus and Rezia met when Septimus came in a cafe with his military friends. Rezia fell in love with him because he was always gentle with her, and because he was older than her - clever, serious, and experienced.

1923-06-15 17:55:00

Septimus Kills Himself

While Rezia and Septimus are talking, Rezia hears voices downstairs and runs down to prevent Dr. Holmes from coming in, but Dr. Holmes easily pushes her aside. Septimus runs upstairs. He knows that Dr. Holmes is coming, and thinks of ways to commit suicide. He finally decides to throw himself over the balcony. Before he commits suicide, he realizes he does not want to die. He thinks how good life is. At the last minutes he changes his mind. Holmes comes to the door, and Septimus kills himself by flinging himself onto the railings below.

1923-06-15 18:15:00

Peter at the Hotel

Peter Walsh is staying at a hotel near Clarissa's house. At the hotel he eats dinner, smokes with the men, and reflects on his decision to marry. He is unsure if it is right to marry the girl from India. He thinks about her as well as his relationship with Clarissa.

1923-06-15 18:30:00

Peter on the Porch

Peter is sitting on the porch of the hotel and decides that he will go to Clarissa's party. He walks there from the hotel, and notices the "beauty anyhow. Not the crude beauty of the eye. It was not beauty pure and simple — Bedford Place leading into Russell Square," (159).

1923-06-15 18:50:00

Party Beginning

The Guests are beginning to arrive at Clarissa's and last minute preparations are being made. Lucy runs to the kitchen to see how things are going. Mr. WIlkin's takes his place at the door to announce guests when they arrive.

1923-06-15 19:00:00


After passing Whitehall, Peter arrives at Clarissa's party. He walks up to her door and flicks his pocket knife out (a nervous habit).

1923-06-15 20:00:00


Ellie, the cousin Clarissa despises, stands in the corner observing others. The only person she briefly speaks to is Richard.

1923-06-15 20:45:00


Clarissa watches "the curtain with its flight of birds of Paradise blew out again. And Clarissa saw — she saw Ralph Lyon beat it back, and go on talking," (165). This is significant because Clarissa now feels like the party is saved, because guests keep socializing despite minor interferences.

1923-06-15 21:30:00

Surprise Visitor

Lady Rosseter is announced to the party guests. She did not have an invitation, but is warmly welcomed. Clarissa is so excited she thinks "That voice! It was Sally Seton! Sally Seton! after all these years!" (170). Lady Rosseter is her old friend Sally. Only now she is married.

1923-06-15 21:45:00

Another Guest

The Prime Minister (Stanley Baldwin) and his wife arrive at Clarissa's party. They are the most anticipated guests on the list.

1923-06-15 22:30:00


Miss Helena, Clarissa's aunt, has a flashback to her time in India. She remembers "she had no tender memories, no proud illusions about Viceroys, Generals, Mutinies — it was orchids she saw, and mountain passes and herself carried on the backs of coolies in the ‘sixties over solitary peaks; or descending to uproot orchids," (174). She tries to talk to Clarissa, but yet again Clarissa is uninterested in talking to her friends during the party. As the host she is more interested in other guests.

1923-06-15 23:30:00

Clarissa and Sally

Clarissa has a flashback about her time with Sally years ago. She remembers how she used to feel around Sally. Then she realizes she no longer loves Sally like she did when she was younger. She has moved away from childish romances.

Digital Mapping of Mrs. Dalloway

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