World Transition

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Jesus Christ

Birth of Jesus Christ changed the course of Western history and later the world.

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Church formed after Jesus' death

Jesus died for the sin of the world, crucified on a cross. Three days alter, he resurrected as promised. Through his chosen 12 Apostles, the church is founded. St. Paul encounters the resurrected Jesus. Through St.Paul's missionary trips, Christianity spreads out of Jerusalem, moving westward into Europe.

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Early Church

Initially, Christianity called "The Way" was thought to be a Jewish sect. Later it became apparent that Christianity's teachings were not compatible with Judaism. The early church was persecuted by the religious Jews as well as the political rules, the Romans. They also had to deal with false teachings of Gnosticism and Arianism. Some early Church Fathers were Polycrap of Smyrna, Ignatius of Anitoch, Irenaeus of Lynos, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian of Carthage and Origen of Alexandria.

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Emperor Constantine

Emperor Constantine becomes a Christian. Freedom of religion. Mass conversions. Church adopts Roman hierarchy, customs and architecture. Pope grows in power and authority. From a persecuted church to a power wielding church.

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Development of Doctrines

Due to heretical teachings of false teachers and the need to clarify its own convictions, a number of councils meet over the years to debate various doctrines about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Creeds and Confessions are formed to guard and guide the Church. Some early Theologians are Athanasius of Alexandria, Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, the Cappadocian Fathers (Basil, Bishop of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Narianzus) and Augstine, Bishop of Hippo.

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Fall of Western Roman Empire

Western Roman Empire ends with fall to Gothic tribes A.D 476. Eastern Roman Empire continues as Byzantine Empire.

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The Dark Ages

Europe in “Dark Ages” from A.D. 500 (fall of Rome) to 1350 (when Renaissance begins). During this period, the Roman Emperors and Pope focus on their power and wealth. Fear of God and Hell leads to a Christianity of superstition. Rise of Islam leads to loss of lands and crusades.

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Europe after Roman Empire

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire continued as the Byzantine Empire. Europe developed a into a feudal system with local Kings, Lords and knights and peasants to work the farms.

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Rise of Islam (632-700)

Islam is founded by Muhammad and spreads from Arabia across Middle East and North Africa.

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Spread of Christian faith in the West

Christianity spread in the West due to the efforts of orgnaised orders. Benedictine order was formed in 529 followed by the Cluniac movement in 910. Cistercians in 1115, Franciscan Orders in 1209, Dominican Orders in 1216 and the Jesuits in 1534 (in response to Protestant movement).

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The Great Schism

Church divides into Eastern Orthodox Church and Western Catholic Church.

1096-01-06 05:08:13


Crusade to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims

1350-01-01 00:00:00


Europe in feudal system with Lords and Knights. Europe Christanised. Flourishing of Arts, Architecture, Music, etc. – good life but not spiritually and not for the poor. Church corrupt.

1440-01-01 00:00:00

Printing Press

The printing press was invented around 1440 by goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. Without this invention, Martin Luther's message would not have gotten the reach it did. The printing press also enabled Bibles to be made common amongst the people. The Bible was previously restricted by the church in Latin. Now, it was translated into local languages. The first English Bible was the Tyndale's Bible in 1535. King James Version was in 1611.

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Fall of Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire was the surviving portion of the Roman Empire. It fell to the Muslim Ottoman Empire in A.D. 1453.

1517-01-01 00:00:00

Reformation (1517-1648)

Martin Luther’s protest divides the church while refining it. Printing press helps spread the message. Denominational churches formed and conflicts ensure. Back to Bible drive; freed from clergy control. All seek to read and know God personally. Other Reformers are Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), John Calvin (1509-1564), Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556)

1650-01-01 00:00:00

Age of Enlightenment

Schools established initially to teach the Bible. Knowledge opens interest into other sciences. Inventions and discoveries – microscope and telescope help men explore the world of microorganism while telescopes aid in looking far into the distant stars and galaxies. Columbus (1492) discovers America, Galileo (1610) using the telescope proofs that the earth is not in the centre of the universe, Newton (1664) states his laws of motion and gravity, etc. These lead to exploration of new lands, expansion of empires and extension of trade routes. Men sees the possibilities of UTOPIA! Darwin's theory of the "Origins of Species" leads to evolution as alternative to Creation / God.

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The effect of Renaissance, Reformation and the Enlightenment is a shift to Modernity. All the great discoveries and inventions gave men a sense of control over his own destiny. Darwinian evolution shook the faith of the religious. Increasing knowledge puffed men to question God and his revelation in the Bible. Critiquing everything to learn more about truth, absolute truth gave way to relative truth as a worldview.

1760-01-01 00:00:00

Industrial Revolution

The first Industrial revolution occurred from 1760 to 1840. Production from hand to machine resulted in cheaper goods, increased employment and urbanisation of the masses who flocked into cities for work. It also produced the rich and famous who controlled life and politics. A whole new world or means of building society was formed.

1889-02-25 09:28:49

Expansion Eastwards

As Europe prospers with the discoveries of new lands, there is a demand for new products from the East like spices and tea. With their superior military and technological strengthens, colonisation of the East takes place together with the Christian faith propagation.

1889-02-25 09:28:49


With exciting stories of mass conversions in the East, a new missionary fervour holds the churches. This together with revival meetings in Europe and America causes a great spiritual awakening. Many missionary societies are formed in this era. Great Christians of this time are Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield and John Wesley.

1914-07-28 00:00:00

World War I

Man's dream of UTOPIA was shattered when World War One took place. All the progress men made did not ensure a better world for him. With more products and material gains, the gap between the rich and poor widened. With power came corruption and greed.

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World War II

World War Two only confirmed the futile dream of UTOPIA. The Nazi Holocaust and the atrocities of the Japanese during the war highlighted the evil and sin within mankind. Vietnam and Korean wars are further attestment to this.

1961-01-01 00:00:00

My birth

I Andrew Thinagaran was born! Finally. Hooray! Praise the Lord. Be glad, else you will not have this timeline. :-)

1970-01-29 00:00:00

Birth of a beauty

On this day, a beautiful girl baby was born. Years later I would marry her and have three kids. Not important to you but it is to me ok.

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Having done away with God in the Enlightenment, men had hoped in his new found prowess in knowledge and science to bring about UTOPIA. After two world wars, man has no hope in God nor in himself. Where does men turn to but philosophy. Why could we not control our destiny for the better? Everything seems meaningless probably because everything IS meaningless! Welcome to Post-Modernity where there are no absolute meaning, no value or worth in anything.

2001-09-11 00:00:00

Global Terrorism

Global terrorism is marked by the event of terrorist hijacking and flying planes into the World Trade Centre and Pentagon buildings. The War on Terror is declared by USA President George W. Bush

2006-12-26 00:00:00

Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

Major Tsunami that destroyed many coastal areas from Indonesia to India. The earthquake was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

2016-01-01 00:00:00

Donald Trump Elected

Donald Trump is elected as President of USA, shocking many people. Make America Great Again. I support Trump.

2020-01-01 00:00:00

COVID-19 Pandemic

Corona virus begins in Wuhan, China. China locks down the city. Soon it spread all over the world. Europe and then America overtake China as worst hit places

World Transition

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