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Welcome to the Ethno World Historical Timeline! This timeline serves as an archive in providing highlights of every Ethno experience, background information on Ethno, and significant events related to Ethno since its inception. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the very first Ethno which took place during the Falun Folkmusik Festival in Dalarna, Sweden in 1990.

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1990-07-01 07:36:39

Ethno Sweden 1990

Falun, Sweden

1990-07-01 12:25:40

Ethno Experience

There is something about this energy that is constantly boiling. There are new musical encounters that take place in different corners. People become so curious about each other...

1991-07-01 07:36:39

Ethno Sweden 1991

Falun, Sweden

1992-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1992

Falun, Sweden

1993-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1993

Falun, Sweden

1994-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1994

1994-07-17 02:51:44

Ethno Experience

And we met after like 20 years of not seeing each other. Then, two or three years ago, we met again, and that was the feeling...

1994-09-11 07:36:39

Ethno Macedonia 1994

1995-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1995

Falun, Sweden

1995-07-01 06:56:15

Ethno Experience

And it was really important for me to have these African influences in me because... in my education, I had no contact whatsoever with foreigners. We were racist, you know...

1996-06-01 17:00:54

Ethno Estonia 1996

First country to pick up Ethno after Sweden

1996-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1996

Falun, Sweden

1997-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1997

Falun, Sweden

1997-07-20 17:00:54

Ethno Estonia 1997

Viljandi town

1997-09-01 08:24:58

Ethno Experience

My first Ethno was really one of the strongest and most important things I have done in my entire life. Most touching emotionally...

1998-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1998

Falun, Sweden

1998-07-19 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 1998

Viljandi town

1999-06-01 13:02:37

Ethno Experience

I think it's just the sense of being together with a big big group... To feel that you are... You become one with people you don't know actually, in so short of time.

1999-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1999

Falun, Sweden

1999-07-18 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 1999

Viljandi town

1999-08-02 06:43:02


And also the freedom. The freedom, the given freedom just to...To play music and to... Yeah, to play whenever and whatever, with whoever you want. I love it.

1999-08-02 15:20:57

Ethno Flanders 1999

Tervuren, Flanders

2000-07-01 00:05:40

Ethno Experience

I think I have become a more open person from this. By that I mean both musically, socially and politically, actually.

2000-07-08 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 2000

Falun, Sweden

2000-07-15 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 2000

Viljandi town

2000-07-31 00:00:00

Ethno Flanders 2000

Tervuren, Flanders

2001-07-05 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 2001

Falun, Sweden

2001-07-21 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 2001

Viljandi town

2001-07-30 00:00:00

Ethno Flanders 2001

Tervuren, Flanders

2002-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 2002

Falun, Sweden

2002-07-01 16:39:36

Ethno Experience

And that was like the most amazing, maybe even the most amazing moment of my life, so far ...We were 50 people. And we were all practicing and learning in small groups.

2002-07-18 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 2002


2002-07-29 00:00:00

Ethno Flanders 2002

Tervuren, Flanders

2003-05-01 08:24:51

Ethno England 2003

2003-07-04 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 2003

Falun, Sweden

2003-07-04 19:17:48

Ethno Experience

It just felt like home, in a way. With a lot of people. With one guy from Uganda, for example. And from Belgium. And also India. It just feels the same.

2003-07-17 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 2003


2003-07-28 00:00:00

Ethno Flanders 2003

Tervuren, Flanders

2004-05-01 14:16:22

Ethno England 2004

2004-07-09 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 2004

Falun, Sweden

2004-07-16 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 2004


2004-08-02 00:00:00

Ethno Flanders 2004

Tervuren, Flanders

2005-06-01 09:06:59

Ethno England 2005

2005-07-01 07:36:39

Ethno Cyprus 2005

2005-07-04 18:31:22

Ethno Experience

I think it's a kind of a... Alternate universe in a way, Ethno. Where you can put all those kind of cultural complications aside, and you can just focus on the essence of music, and love, and communication, in a way.

2005-07-10 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 2005

Falun, Sweden

2005-07-22 13:37:06

Ethno Estonia 2005


2005-08-01 00:00:00

Ethno Flanders 2005

Tervuren, Flanders

2005-10-13 17:36:17

Ethno Histria 2005

2006-05-01 08:53:52

Ethno England 2006

Ethno World

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