sharklab history

2008-12-15 13:35:44

Sharklab is founded by Greg Nowell in 2008

Every time Greg Nowell, diver and initiator of Sharklab- Malta went for holidays in Malta,he used to talk about how awesome it would be to live here in one of the world’s best divemetropol. The water in Malta is so clear that it’s just your vision that determines how far you can see. In 2008, he decided, now or never. However it would only take 3.5 hours to get back to England, about the same time that it takes to get from one end of England to the other. The move to Malta was not such a big step. When the company Greg worked in England decided to establish in Malta, it was natural that Greg was asked to be a representative, already having knowledge of the industry. He works in electronics and in his spare time, he runs the worldwide non-profit organisation Sharklab with other passionate volunteers.

2009-03-09 21:29:29

Sharklab becomes a member of “The Shark Alliance”

This is a coalition organisation focusing on policy change and better European management of all species of Elasmobranch.

2009-06-01 13:35:44

Sharklab Malta creates T-shirts to help raise awareness

Sharklab (Malta) creates T-shirts to help raise a greater profile for the organisation in Malta and to also get the general public asking questions to increase awareness. This initiative has a marked success during beach research and all activities in general.•

2009-06-30 13:35:44

Sharklab commences Fish Market research

Sharklab commences intensive and regular research at the Valletta fish Market to begin gathering population data and to confirm the existence of all species as identified to be known to historically live within or pass through Maltese territorial waters.During this research Sharklab was able to have the protection of Angel Sharks enforced within Malta through identification of protected species by the EU still arriving at the market. Also during the market research Sharklab was able to positively identify a previously unknown species the Dwarf Gulper (Centrophorus uyato) Shark being landed in Malta

2009-07-13 13:35:44

Sharklab (Malta) takes part in Operation “DELPHIS”

Sharklab (Malta) takes part in Operation “DELPHIS” a Mediterranean wide survey of Cetaceans. Although this was not “Shark” related it gave a great opportunity to observe other marine life and get out on the water for a fantastic day out.

2009-07-29 13:35:44

Sharklab Press Article raises awareness

Sharklab gets an article printed in the Malta Independent newspaper and online to highlight the plight of Sharks around Malta and within the Mediterranean.

2009-08-14 13:35:44

Sharklab officially registered as NGO

Sharklab is officially registered as an NGO in Malta with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

2009-10-04 17:12:51

Sharklab & Shark Angels partner in presentation about Shark situation in Med.

Sharklab partners with Shark Angels / Save our Seas foundation / 333 productions (USA) to create a presentation package to raise awareness of the plight of Sharks around the globe. The presentation also focussed on the situation which Sharks are facing around Malta and within the Mediterranean.

2009-10-13 17:12:51

Sharklab takes part in Shark Week

Sharklab takes part in European Shark Week and does a multimedia presentation to Calypso Sub Aqua Club (BSAC Malta). This presentation highlights all aspects of Shark ecology, behaviour, feeding habits etc... As well as highlighting the problems they face. The presentation generated a lot of interest for combined future research

2009-11-17 14:25:08

Sharklab agrees to a collaboration with Malta Centre for Fisheries Science to do more intensive research on the species commonly referred to as Mazzola.

Sharklab agrees to a collaboration with Malta Centre for Fisheries Science to do more intensive research on the species commonly referred to as Mazzola. This will bea long term project and the end result will be a greater understanding of the population dynamics of these species and assist in protection for the most vulnerable of these species.•

2009-12-18 19:10:37

Sharklab runs an education and awareness presentation for Malta College for Science and Technology

Sharklab runs an education and awareness presentation for a class at Malta College for Science and Technology at Naxxar, as part of their environmental studies.

2010-01-10 18:55:54

Given growing interest, Sharklab Malta sets up a page on FaceBook

This is an extension of the Sharklab ~ Sea Explorers group. This group is specific to Malta but welcomes all, who may have an input or interest in getting more involved in research or keeping upto date with whats going on in Malta.

2010-02-08 04:29:01

Snorkel and egg case research increases

Sharklab organised several snorkels looking for Elasmobranch at Bahar Ic-Caghaq and Ghallis Rocks and continued conducting eggcase searches along the eastern coastline of Malta.

2010-03-08 04:29:01

Marsasloxx market surveys begin

We organised a trip to Marsaslokk market to see what species of Elasmobranch were on sale. This is always an important place to visit as it allows members to see for themselves the species being recorded in the long running research being carried out in the main market in Valletta.

2010-04-01 21:20:39

Sharklab introduces subscription for membership

It was agreed to implement a subscription for full members.

2010-04-01 21:20:39

Sharklab and GAIA foundation agree collaboration at Ghajn Tuffieha bay

We began discussions with the GAIA foundation about collaboration at Ghajn Tuffieha bay, an area managed by the foundation. We agreed a joint long term marine study in the bay at Ghajn Tuffieha to further study Elasmobranch in this area. Through the collaboration we would also gain the use of their facilities for presentations and lectures.

2010-05-28 21:20:39

Sharklab members support release of loggerhead turtles

Members supported through attendance the release of some loggerhead turtles at Mellieha Bay further promoting greater understanding of the marine environment.

2010-07-14 22:01:05

Shark Studies at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Studies about sharks are being conducted at Għajn Tuffieħa Bay by NGOs SharkLab Malta and The Gaia Foundation to find out if there is a particular time of year when they breed most. We noted several sightings of common stingray juveniles. The final day of surveys at Ghajn Tuffieha ended with a social activity having a BBQ down on the beach attended by many members. Also during June snorkels took place at Gnejna Bay and Bahar Ic-Caghaq.

2010-07-29 22:01:05

Founder Greg Nowell interviewed for Sunday Circle magazine

Founder Greg Nowell takes part in an interview for Sunday Circle magazine about the state of Sharks in the world and locally. This was published during July and had great feedback.

2010-08-31 06:26:29

Sharklab begins evening snorkels

Sharklab begins a series of evening snorkels to see the differences in marine life activity compared to during the day time and discovers several bays where common stingrays appear in great numbers.

2010-10-21 22:18:06

Sharklab joins forces to create Fish4Tomorrow campaign.

Sharklab (Malta) joins forces with other NGO’s Nature Trust and Greenhouse to begin work on a national awareness campaign to promote sustainable use and better understanding of marine resources, the campaign is called Fish4Tomorrow.

2010-12-31 05:01:21

Dives and Egg Case Searches to gather habitat information

Sharklab-Malta started the Year with several weekend dives exploring familiar places and some new areas and although the water was cold, we gained some important habitat information from these sites. One weekend of eggcase searches was very successful with several skate eggcases being found. We also did a presentation called “The Shark” as part of library week at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, Naxxar. This was really well received and several of the students attending became members.

2011-02-11 19:12:32

Searching for evidence of sharks

It’s a blustery February morning at Golden Bay. But the sun is out and so are the walkers, and the cafe in the corner is doing some trade. My son notices a small group of people poking at the flotsam and jetsam beached after the winter storms. Before I know it, he’s engaged in animated conversation with them. Sharklab(Malta) was set up in 2008 to research sharks which pass through and live within the Maltese territorial waters. There are 35 recorded species of sharks inhabiting the waters around Malta. The large species only travel through the Mediterranean seasonally. Go to the fish market in Marsaxlokk on a Sunday to find the occasional unfortunate creature that ended up in a net. Greg Nowell from Sharklab(Malta) says that sharks are being removed from our seas and oceans at an unprecedented rate, and we must act now to preserve these magnificent animals from extinction. The oceans and seas are their home and when we travel on or swim under we should remember that we are guests.

2011-04-08 05:01:21

GAIA boat is prepared for first boat outings.

GAIA boat is readied in preparation for the many boat activities planned for the summer months.

2011-04-08 05:01:21

Sharklab represented at Shark Alliance meeting in Brussels

Founder, Greg Nowell visits Brussels to represent Sharklab at the annual members meeting for the Shark Alliance

2011-07-22 05:01:21

Guided snorkels commence along with Majjistral Nature and History Park at Golden Bay

Sharklab-Malta commenced a series of guided snorkels along with Majjistral Nature and History Park at Golden Bay. The guided snorkels were open to adultsand children to teach them to appreciate more the life under the surface as well as teach them the names of some of the most common species of marine life they may encounter around the Maltese Islands. Separate to these guided snorkels, member’s snorkelled at Ghadira Bay and around Ghallis rocks.

2011-10-03 20:52:28

Sharklab raises awareness through schools, scout camp and Shark Week

A fantastic month of events and activities Member of Sharklab-Malta attended the annual camp of the Rinella Scout group to give a presentation on Sharks. A presentation to students at San Anton School was done all about “The Shark”. October also included a very busy schedule of activities for European Shark Week; events including a presentation to young people at Santa Marija Church, Birkirkara and a presentation at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary school for students, as well as a full day of public awareness with Nature Trust (Malta) at The Point shopping centre.

2011-11-11 13:35:44

Developing eggcases rescued from Valletta Market

Not all market research at Valletta, Malta is about recording the death of a shark, sometimes it is an opportunity for life.

2012-02-05 13:24:46

Monthly Egg Case Identification workshops underway

February saw the first of the monthly gatherings with the topic focussing on eggcase identification and search techniques.

2012-03-23 20:02:32

Increased research into rescue of catshark egg cases

The monthly gathering topic focussed on the development of the Smallerspotted Catshark as we had the pleasure of rearing developing sharks from eggcases in the aquarium.

2012-05-30 20:02:32

Sharklab begin to consider extracting eggcases from landed dead sharks

We have started to look into the possibilities of extracting eggcases from landed sharks. The main issue that we have identified so far is down to the handling by fishermen and by the catch method which damages the eggcases. The other issue is identifying the sharks with eggcases ready to be extracted. We consider this a work in progress...

2012-06-01 21:47:36

Julie Wright

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2012-06-01 21:47:36

Jonathan Mitchell

2012-06-22 14:03:25

Sharklab support protecting loggerhead turtle nest site

06/2012 A Loggerhead turtle laid her eggs at Gnejna Beach. NTM will be guarding the site everyday from 4 pm to 8 pm for 8 weeks. We badly need help even if you can just one time a week. Those interested are to contact our Marine Conservation Office/ Volunteers will be given a special ID by mepa to show in case they are asked by people. .... 07/09/2012 The turtle eggs in Gnejna were excavated today after initial investigations showed they died.

2012-07-01 10:03:36

Morgane Aubert

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2012-07-01 10:03:36

Jeremy Garcia

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2012-07-07 01:10:54

Filfla "Elasmobranch Observational Study" permit granted

The research permit for the 12 month “Elasmobranch Observational Study” at Filfla was granted and immediately plans were made to commence these studies.

2012-08-03 18:24:44

Sharklab attend Blue Flag ceremony with GAIA Foundation

Blue Flag ceremony along with the GAIA Foundation for the presentation of the “Blue Flag” and the presentation of a book produced by the Shark Alliance to members of the government and the director of fisheries, which took place at a school in Marsascala. The book presentation talso gave the opportunity to teach a hall full of young people all about sharks.

2012-08-06 14:03:25

Fifla Research begins

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2012-08-23 21:53:45

Mercedes Hof

2012-08-23 21:53:45


2012-08-23 21:53:45


2012-10-07 11:07:57

Night dives with H2O divers

Something new for Sharklab was the organising of an event in collaboration with H2O divers at their Riviera resort centre. An evening presentation focussing on skates and rays which become more active at night, followed by a night dive on the reef and sands at Cirkewwa. With equipment and air provided where needed this was a fantastic event and during the dive many encounters with skates took place.

2012-10-24 19:11:16

Nursehound egg case recovered from dead shark - monitoring underway

During the gathering on landings data at the Pixxkerija, the intact eggcase from a Nursehound (Scyliorhinus stellaris) was recovered from a dead shark. The eggcase was collected by Pam and Dave Mason and place into a seawater aquarium at their home. Hopefully this will be viable and develop and hatch so that the shark pup can be released back into the waters around Malta. The recovered Nursehound eggcase was transferred from the aquarium at Pam and Dave’s to Greg’s larger aquarium. On day 15 from recovery the first signs of development were witnessed. A separate diary logging all of the changes and development of this shark is being kept along with photos, so that in the future a paper can be written on the amazing development of this shark.

2012-10-25 16:58:54

Founder Greg Nowell presents at Dive Show in Birmingham

By invitation of the Malta Tourism Authority and with the support of H2O divers, Greg attended the dive show in Birmingham, UK. This was a fantastic opportunity to share the work of Sharklab within the global dive community and during the weekend long event; Greg also held two hour long presentations called “Exploring beneaththe Blue of the Maltese Islands”. The presentations focussed on the diverse range of marine life and multitude of dive sites around the Maltese islands.

2012-12-21 00:49:02

Sharklab / MEPA discussion about invasive species research

December saw a number of behind the scene activities including a meeting with MEPA to learn more about how Sharklab can be further involved in the research for invasive species within the marine protected areas around the Islands, especially with the research we are undertaking at Filfla. An interview for “Unlogged” magazine, who were visiting Malta to produce an online guide to dive centres on the Maltese Islands. The magazine had heard about us and will now be featuring information about Sharklab when the guide is published.

2013-01-08 16:14:30

Barbara Garcia

2013-02-01 00:14:28

Kristina Edwards

I was studying for a Masters degree in Biology at the University of Perpignan, France and wanted to specialise in Elasmobranchs. Sharklab-Malta offered me a great opportunity to study during my six months the Small-spotted catshark among other Mediterranean species. Since leaving Malta I have worked at Sealife in Birmingham and I am now an aquarist at Loro Parque, Canary islands, so hopefully speaking fluent Spanish in few months and a very nice place to be. It was a great experience that I will never forget, surrounded by passionate and knowledgeable people. A huge Thank you to the team.

2013-02-20 23:46:33

Expansion of marine studies at Ghajn Tuffieha.

This month saw the commencement of the expansion to the marine studies being run at Ghajn Tuffieha. Re-named to “Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Area Coastal and Marine Research” this now under the organisational control of Edward Debono and includes100 metre measuredsurveys of habitat and Sharklab-Malta Annual Report 2013Sharklab-Malta, 404 Sqaq IL-Forn, Hamrun, HMR 1961. Tel: 00356 99431098 VO/0298marine life. This new expanded research builds on the success of research in this area over the last 3 years and incorporates the waters between Form I-Rih and Ras Ir-Raheb (the designated Marine protected areaalong the North Western coastline)

2013-03-29 11:16:07

Inauguration of the marine awareness and educational centre at Dwejra, Gozo

As a well respected and stake holder in the marine environmentaround the Maltese Islands we were invited to Gozo for the inauguration of the marine awareness and educational centre at Dwejra. The centre which was constructed and coordinated as part of the PANACEA project and the first of its kind in Malta was opened by the former prime minister Lawrence Gonzi.

sharklab history

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