Timeline of Projects Addressing the Loss of Technical AV Knowledge

This timeline is part of Brianna Toth's graduate research as a UCLA MLIS Media Archival Studies '19 candidate.

Technical jobs that once supported audiovisual production are now essential for the preservation of obsolete analog media as cultural heritage. The fundamental skills associated with those technologies are now as much at risk as physical carriers. This timeline attempts to trace the past and present efforts that addressed the loss of legacy skills and knowledge obsolescence specific to the preservation of analog video. Special thanks to the following people who helped make this project possible: Diana Ascher, Snowden Becker, Mike Casey, Yasmin Dessem, Adam Foster, Siobhan Hagan, Genevieve Havemeyer-King, Kelly Haydon, Mona Jimenez, Sam Lane, Jeffrey Martin, Morgan Morel, Jared Nistler, Sarah Nguyen, Jen O’Leary, Peter Oleksik, Ellen Pearlstein, Maurice Schechter, Teague Schneiter, Linda Tadic, Ben Turkus, Andy Uhrich, Phil Vigeant, Rhonda Vigeant, Glenn Wharton, Casey Winkleman and the AMIA CEA Task Force.

1978-01-07 00:03:37

ACCESS Film and Video Equipment: A Directory by Nancy Legge

1983-06-01 08:14:49

First Joint Technical Symposium

1987-05-20 08:14:49

Second Joint Technical Symposium

1990-05-03 06:45:46

Third Joint Technical Symposium

1991-01-01 06:45:46

Media Alliance's Symposium on Video Preservation

1991-01-01 06:45:46

Media Alliance Long-Term Advocacy Plan Begins

1992-01-01 06:45:46

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture Video Preservation Task Force is formed

1993-02-01 05:56:55

Video Preservation Monograph by Deirdre Boyle

1993-08-03 05:56:55

Joint Technical Symposium Cancelled

1993-08-03 05:56:55

CLIR Report: Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling

Compiled by John Van Bogart for the Commission on Preservation and Access

1993-09-01 06:45:46

CLIR Report: Directory of Information Sources On Scientific Research Related to the Preservation of Sound Recordings, Still And Moving Images, and Magnetic Tape

Compiled by Dr. Margaret S. Child for the Commission on Preservation and Access

1994-04-13 01:05:55

Media Alliance's Multiple Currents Conference


1995-01-27 21:12:33

Fourth Joint Technical Symposium

1995-12-12 12:10:54

REWIND A Guide to Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the U.S., 1968-1980

1996-03-01 06:45:46

Library of Congress Hearings on the Study of the Preservation of Television and Video

1996-03-03 05:56:55

Update to the Media Alliance report Jim Hubbard and Mona Jimenez

1996-03-29 05:56:55

BAVC’s PLAYBACK 1996 Conference

1996-08-21 23:45:21

AIC’s Electronic Media Specialty Group (EMG) is formed

1997-10-03 05:56:55

Library of Congress Television and Video Preservation Report

2000-01-20 07:11:03

Fifth Joint Technical Symposium

2002-01-01 06:45:46

Media Preservation Salon hosted by NAMAC

2002-05-31 06:45:46

Looking Back/Looking Forward Symposium

2004-06-24 07:11:03

2004 Joint Technical Symposium

2005-03-26 00:00:00

The Artist Instrumentation Database Project

2005-12-06 00:00:00

A Public Trust at Risk: The Heritage Health Index Report on the State of America’s Collections

2006-12-22 12:58:46

The Preservation of Magnetic Tape Collections: A Perspective by the IPI

2007-06-28 07:11:03

2007 Joint Technical Symposium

2008-03-26 00:00:00

IMAP Obsolete Videotape Playback Equipment Project: National Survey Final Report

2008-03-26 00:00:00

EAI’s Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art

2009-08-21 05:27:02

Indiana University Bloomington Media Preservation Survey Report by Mike Casey

2009-10-27 23:45:21

CCAHA's "A Race Against Time" Video Series

2010-05-02 07:11:03

2010 Joint Technical Symposium

2011-06-13 23:45:21

IMAP Symposium BPAC

2011-08-21 05:27:02

IU Bloomington Media Preservation Initiative Task Force publishes "Meeting the Challenge of Media Preservation: Strategies and Solutions"

2012-09-10 06:10:04

Preservation Statistics Program & Survey

2012-10-03 05:56:55

Michael Angeletti’s “EIAJ Refurbishment Project”

2012-10-03 05:56:55

Glenn Wharton is recruited by MOMA

2013-11-30 07:11:03

AMIA forms Magnetic Media Crisis Committee

2015-10-03 05:56:55

BAVC submits "All Hands on Deck" Proposal to the NEH

2015-10-03 05:56:55

Michael Angeletti presents on “EIAJ Refurbishment Project” at AIC

2015-11-18 00:00:00

Media in Transition Conference

2015-11-18 05:56:55

Creative Skillset’s Media Archive Traineeship Program

2016-03-30 07:11:03

Ninth Joint Technical Symposium

2017-11-12 23:45:21

AMIA Local TV Task Force Report

2018-05-21 05:56:55

AMIA forms the Continuing Education Advisory (CEA) Task Force

2018-05-21 05:56:55


2018-11-01 23:08:07


2019-10-03 21:12:33

Joint Technical Symposium 2019

2019-12-31 21:12:33

Magnetic Tape Alert Project

2020-01-01 04:47:03

BAVC's "Community-based Preservation Education and Training" plan is accepted by the NEH.

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Timeline of Projects Addressing the Loss of Technical AV Knowledge

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