A History of Laws Regarding Piracy

A history of piracy laws, trials, and events focusing on the United States and England.

1535-06-01 00:13:03

The Law of Piracy

Admiralty Commissions and Common Law: The Statutes of 1535 and 1536.

1536-01-01 00:00:00

Offences at Sea Act of 1536

This English act establishes jurisdiction for crimes that occur on the water.

1642-08-01 16:04:02

English Civil War/The Great Rebellion

Charles I & Charles II v. Parliamentarians in England.

1652-02-01 12:16:39

An Act of General Pardon and Oblivion

This English act pardons crimes committed before September 3, 1651, in an attempt to promote peace after a civil war, but not piracy.

1655-05-10 16:04:02

English Take Control of Jamaica

The English Attack

1696-06-01 00:13:03

Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Piracy Trials in England and its Colonies, 1696-1723

1698-06-01 00:13:03

The Politics of Piracy

The Politics of Piracy : Crime and Civil Disobedience in Colonial America.

1698-12-01 13:40:12

An Act for the more effectuall Suppressions of Piracy

This English act is the first to address piracy in more remote areas of the world and deals with the jurisdiction and authority to try and sentence pirates.

1701-05-08 22:06:40

Arraignment, Tryal, and Condemnation of William Kidd for Murther and Piracy

William Kidd was put on trial upon six federal indictments. Trial was held on the 8th and 9th of May in 1701, and upon full evidence, William was found guilty and executed on May the 23rd.

1720-06-01 00:13:03

Protecting Trade by Suppressing Pirates

Protecting Trade by Suppressing Pirates: British Colonial and Metropolitan Responses to Atlantic Piracy, 1716-1726.

1721-07-01 12:16:39

Piracy Act of 1721

This English act reaffirms the previous acts of 1698 and 1536, referencing them several times. It also includes new criminal actions to the umbrella definition of piracy.

1724-11-03 22:06:40

A Select and Impartial Account of the Lives, Behavior, and Dying Words of the Most Remarkable Convicts from the Year 1725, down to the present time

This is a Select and Impartial Account of the life, behavior, and dying words of John Gow, alias Smith, Captain of the Pyrates, for Piracy and Murder.

1775-04-19 18:42:44

American Revolutionary War

The Colonies v. The Crown

1777-01-01 00:00:00

Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union Between the States of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South

This document grants the United States Congress the power to create courts for trials regarding piracy and other felonies committed on the seas.

1778-10-31 22:06:40

Gov. Clintons Proclamation Oct. 31, 1778

A proclamation of made by his Excellency George Clinton, Governor of the State of New-York, General and Commander in Chief of all militia, and admiral of the navy of the same.

1790-02-01 02:59:51

An act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States

This United States act deals with the penalties for committing several different crimes, including piracy.

1794-12-01 13:40:12

An Act in Addition to the Act for the Punishment of Certain Crimes Against the United States.

This Act is a short document adding onto " An Act for the Punishment if Certain Crimes Against the United States" from 1790.

1797-06-07 00:00:00

A Bill to prevent citizens of the United States privateering against nations in amity with or against citizens of the United States

This Bill was enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives to prevent U.S. citizens from committing Piracy against nations in which the U.S. is at peace with.

1802-10-05 22:06:40

Piracy Act of 1717

This Act is a republication of the Piracy Act of 1717.

1812-02-28 10:42:34

The Trial of William Jemott for Piracy

William Jemott was charged with taking 36,000 dollars from John Holford and William Gonue, and 4,000 dollars from Antonio Pedra and Francisco Alvez de Carvalho Vianna.

A History of Laws Regarding Piracy

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