Bacon's rebellion vs. Nat Turner's rebellion

Bacon rebellion vs Nat turner rebellion

These two rebellion had many similarities for why they formed, causes, and outcomes. However, there purpose for why they were started were different. The bacon rebellion traces its origins back from 1675 over a trading dispute between Doeg Indians and a man named Thomas Mathew.The bacon rebellion lasted from 1676-1677. However the Nat Turner rebellion was between a group of enslaved, and free black men and a group of white men, women, and children. This rebellion lasted for only a few short days in 1831.

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Nathaniel Bacon Gets Appointed

Nathaniel Bacon was appointed as one of the several members to the Virginia Council of state by Sir William Berkeley. Nathaniel Bacon was wealthy and influential individual, which helped him in a big part to get on to the council. While on this Council a conflict between Doeg Indians and the Virginia Militia arose which eventually led to War (The Susquehannock War).

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What Caused Nathaniel Bacon to Shift Away From the Council

When the Indians raids reached far south Virginia in the falls of James River an overseer, at one of Bacon's properties called Bacons quarters, was killed. So then Bacon's sympathies forever shifted his attitude away form the Council towards people who wanted immediate action the Indians. Bacon had took command of a volunteer militiamen from Charles city and had demanded action against the Indians from the Governor. But this annoyed Berkeley and eventually expelled Bacon from the Council when he declared Bacon was in the rebellion, in May. Since Bacon was the leader of a militiamen, he was preparing to attack friendly Indians, that were against the governor's instructions.

1676-05-19 00:00:00

Governor William Berkely on Bacon's Rebellion

This document is Governor william Berkeley talking about bacons invovlement in the rebellion. And also talks about the Indians being an ally to the government instead of an enemy, which is what bacon sees them as.

1676-06-06 00:00:00

The Decleration of the people

On June 6, 1976 Nathaniel Bacon and a company of armed men return to Jamestown, but were arrested. When brought for to Berkeley, Bacon apologizes to Berkeley and is then pardon by Berkeley but with reservations. Several weeks later Bacon returns once again to Jamestown with a army of 500 men and demands that Berkeley make him general to lead the colony against the Indians. Berkeley eventually yields to his demands. He later changes his mind about Nathaniel Bacon, declares him a traitor and recruits men to fight against Bacon's rebellion. On the time around July 30, 1976, Nathaniel issues a series of declarations, one being called the "Declaration of the people of Virginia".

1676-07-30 00:00:00

Nathaniel Bacon on Bacon's Rebellion

This document is about the other side of the bacon rebellion the side that led the rebellion, Nathaniel Bacon. Bacon talks about how the bacon rebellion was a justfied revolution.

1676-07-30 00:00:00

Bacon’s Rebellion: The Declaration (1676)

This is a document that was issued by Nathaniel Bacon and his army during the bacon rebellion in 1676. The declaration is a list of complaints against the council because he they believed it was corrupt and expressed the unfairness of taxation and they feel they don't have the right protection against tribes.

1676-09-01 00:00:00

The End of the Rebellion

When William Berkeley fails to raise a force against Bacon, he flees to the eastern shore, gains support, and then returns to Jamestown. After battling for a couple weeks Berkeley abandons Jamestown because bacon's forces has taken control of it. However Bacon fears he could not hold control of Jamestown for long sets fire to the town. Even though Bacon has control of the colony, he suddenly dies of dysentery. King Charles the second signs a proclamation to end the rebellion but it continues without the strong leadership of Nathaniel Bacon. With the rebellion falling apart, 23 rebel colonists were tried and hanged, even though they were promised amnesty. Bacon was found guilty of treason and his property was seized by the crown. This was the end of the bacon rebellion in the early 1677.

1831-08-21 00:00:00

The Begining of The Nat Turner Rebellion

Nat tuner was an African-American slave that was leader of the Nat Turner rebellion. Turner was a very religious man that said he has seen many signs. In may of 1828 is when Nat turner had a religious vision that called him to combat the "serpent" of slavery. When Turner had witnessed an atmospheric disturbance he saw this as a sign to stage an insurrection. So a week later, Turner and six other men met in the woods to eat and make plans. At about 2:00 in the morning, they set out to Travis household and killed the entire family. They went from house to house killing all the white people they encountered. As they went on they gathered supplies and more forces.

1831-08-22 00:00:00

Continuation of the Nat Turner rebellion and The End

At about mid-day on August 22, turner decided to march on to the next closest town, Jerusalem. But by the time they had arrived there the word had already gotten out about the rebellion and a group of militia had confronted them. When they were confronted the rebels scattered and went into hiding over night until, turners men decided to attack another house but several rebels ended up getting captured. The remaining rebels were met by different forces during the final skirmish, in which one was killed and many escaped, including Turner. Nat turner had hid in many different places but was discovered and captured on October 30.

1831-08-23 00:00:00

The Aftermath

In the end there was an estimated total of 60 whites that were either stabbed, shot, or clubbed to death. In total 55 blacks were executed that were involved in the rebellion. As many as 200 innocent blacks were killed in retaliation for the revolt. While Turner was Imprisoned Thomas R. Gray dicated his "Confession" the same day he was captured. November 5 is when Turner was tried in the Southhampton county court. He was sentenced to execution, he was hanged and then skinned, on November 11. In response to the rebellion there was tighter regulations on blacks, including laws barring unsupervised assemblies and banning formal education. Turner himself was hanged, beheaded, skinned, and quartered.

1831-08-28 00:00:00

"Anonymus" to Governor John Floyd

This is a letter that was addressed John Floyd Governor of Virginia, Richmond from an anonymous source that offered suggestions to the governor to put a reward on Nat turners head.

1831-10-30 00:00:00

Nat Turner Explains his Rebellion

This document is about a conversation Nat turner had with Thomas R. Gray after he discovered and captured after the end of rebellion. Nat turner expalined how his actions were an act of God and the signs he saw that made him realized this is what should be done.

1831-10-30 00:00:00

Confessions of Nat Turner

This is the historical document from The Library Company of Philadelphia that is the confessions of Nat turner that has more insight to the confessions from the perspective of Thomas R. Gray

1831-11-05 00:00:00

Trial of Nat turner

This is a document that talks about what happened during the trail, Turners pled, the outcome of the trial for Turner, and the value that the court had put on Nat turner.

Bacon's rebellion vs. Nat Turner's rebellion

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