Development of China's Carbon Trading Markets

China is the world’s largest carbon emitter. To begin to tackle the negative impact of excessive carbon emissions, China announced the establishment of its national carbon market in December 2017. With this announcement, it became the largest carbon pricing initiative in the world, surpassing the EU and U.S. carbon markets. However, China has a number of challenges ahead in establishing a full-blown and fully-operational carbon trading system as well as using market based solutions in the war against pollution.;xNLx; ;xNLx;Over the next few years, China plans to seek solutions to the challenges including collection of adequate data, development of a regulatory framework, and creation of a futures trading market for carbon. In the interest of reducing carbon emissions, it is important that China succeeds.;xNLx; ;xNLx;The carbon market timeline below is a tool to track the continued evolution of China’s carbon market. It provides a quick snapshot of important carbon market developments and carbon financing innovations;xNLx;

2011-10-29 09:44:41

China Approved Carbon Emissions Trading Pilot Program in Seven Provinces and Cities

2012-06-13 09:44:41

Chinese Certified Emission Reductions (CCERs) Trading System Formally Established

2013-06-18 09:44:41

China Inaugurated Its Pilot Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in the City of Shenzhen

2013-11-30 09:44:41

Shanghai and Beijing Launched Carbon Trading Schemes

2013-12-31 09:44:41

Guangdong and Tianjin Launched Their Carbon Emission Trading Schemes (ETS)

2014-04-02 09:44:41

China Goes Forward on Pilot ETS with Hubei Province

2014-06-19 09:44:41

Chongqing Launched its ETS

2014-08-08 09:44:41

China Approved Foreign Investors Participating in Shenzhen Carbon Market

2014-09-10 09:44:41

First Carbon-Lending Pledge Loan Launched in Hubei

2014-12-10 09:44:41

NDRC Released Interim Measures for the Administration of Carbon Emission Trade

2015-01-14 11:12:43

China CCER registry made available online

2015-09-21 09:44:41

China Promoted the Carbon Emissions Trading

2015-09-25 09:44:41

China Planned to Initiate a National Emissions Trading System by 2017

2015-12-12 09:44:41

196 Countries Agreed upon Paris Agreement to Reduce Emissions

2016-01-11 09:44:41

NDRC Issued Notice to Prepare for the Launching of National ETS

2016-03-17 21:21:33

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan confirmed to promote the establishment of a national carbon market

2016-03-19 21:21:33

China’s first national carbon market capacity building center set up in Shenzhen

2016-05-10 02:05:12

China Established Carbon Finance Working Group

2016-05-13 02:05:12

Sichuan Eligible for Carbon Emission Trading

2016-12-22 02:05:12

Fujian Launched Its Pilot ETS

2017-01-12 15:06:01

China Launched First Over-the-Counter Renminbi (OTC RMB) Emission Derivatives in Shanghai

2017-11-01 15:06:01

The World Bank Released the State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2017

2017-11-06 15:06:01

China Announced to have Entered the Approval Process for Launching National Carbon Market at Conference of the Parties 23

2017-12-18 01:00:25

China national ETS helpdesk launched

2017-12-19 15:06:01

China Officially Launched the National Carbon Market

2018-01-05 15:06:01

PBOC Announced to Operate the RMB Cross-border Settlement of Carbon Emission Trading

2018-01-31 15:06:01

Ant Financial Shared Tianjin Climate Exchange

2018-03-29 15:06:01

Mobike Signed Carbon Trading Agreement

2018-04-11 15:06:01

China Supported the Establishment of an International Energy and Carbon Emission Exchange in Hainan

2018-04-20 15:06:01

Carbon Market Construction Work Officially Transferred to Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE)

2018-05-10 15:06:01

Chinese Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) Exchange Registration System Resumed Online Operation

2018-07-10 13:19:39

China launched the first Carbon Pricing Survey after the establishment of the national ETS

2018-08-02 01:00:25

State Council reshuffled leading group dealing with climate change

2018-08-16 09:44:41

Ant Financial shared Beijing Environmental Exchange to layout carbon trading market

2018-09-05 09:44:41

MEE made positive signals for constructing China’s national ETS

2018-10-31 04:43:43

MEE press release on realizing carbon market trading ASAP

2018-11-29 08:27:14

Chinese government proposed to choose areas with better conditions for setting up rights

2018-12-15 03:44:58

COP24 came to a close successfully

2018-12-25 09:44:51

“Negative List of Market Access (2018 Edition)”: required qualifications for carbon verifiers

2018-12-28 12:57:12

Nine ministries jointly released “Action plan of establishing market-oriented and diversified ecologic protection compensation mechanism”

2019-01-17 09:44:41

MRV of carbon emission in 2018 for Chinese key industries was started

2019-01-24 09:44:41

Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange cooperated to promote carbon finance innovation

2019-02-18 09:44:41

Guangzhou planned to set up Carbon Futures Trading Exchange

2019-03-29 09:44:41

Ministry of Ecology and Environment released “Interim Regulations on Carbon Emission Right Trading Management (Draft for comment)”

2019-05-12 09:44:41

Hainan to establish carbon sequestration on marine ecosystem pilot zone

2019-06-19 09:44:41

China launches center for power sector’s low-carbon development

2019-06-29 09:44:41

G20 meeting on climate change highlights to promote construction of China’s carbon market

2019-09-17 00:00:00

China launches the Climate Investment and Financing Committee

2019-09-23 00:00:00

2019 UN Climate Action Summit: A Chinese perspective

2019-09-26 00:00:00

Sichuan province launches energy use allowance trading system

Development of China's Carbon Trading Markets

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