Pitzer Class of 1968

Four Years in the College’s First Four-Year Class;xNLx;Pitzer's first four-year class graduated from a college they helped create committee by committee, meeting by meeting. These young women —Pitzer was a women's college until 1970— worked alongside a couple dozen faculty members and a small staff to lay the groundwork for generations to come.

1964-04-15 15:52:24

New Students Selected

Admissions Officers from Claremont Men’s College (now Claremont McKenna College or CMC) and Harvey Mudd College select Pitzer’s first class of 153 women out of 863 applicants.

1964-06-09 15:52:24

Faculty Planning

Thirteen faculty members meet for a week to outline the College curriculum and its requirements.

1964-09-20 08:52:24

Students Arrive on Campus

Students arriving on campus are greeted by Dean of Faculty and Dean of Students Charlotte Elmott and students from Claremont Men's, Harvey Mudd, Pomona and Scripps Colleges.

1964-09-22 15:52:24

Scripps Open House

Open House at Scripps College is celebrated with a live band and dancing.

1964-09-23 15:52:24

First Corridor Group Discussion

Students attend the first corridor group discussion of the students’ summer reading assignment, Marya Mannes’ "More in Anger" (J.B. Lippincott Co., New York, 1958).

1964-09-24 08:52:24

Year 1 - Classes Begin

First day of Pitzer's first year of classes.

1964-09-24 18:52:24

First Town Meeting

First Pitzer Town Meeting is held where all members of the College participate and have a vote.

1964-09-25 15:52:24

"Sound Off!" Is Established

Students establish the publication "Sound Off!", Susan Perelli-Minetti ’68 is elected editor.

1964-09-25 15:52:24

Sanborn Hall Open House

An Open House at Sanborn Hall for students from all of The Claremont Colleges is followed by a “Hello Dance” at Claremont Men's College.

1964-09-26 15:52:24

Pomona College Football Game

Pomona College football game is followed by a Street Dance.

1964-09-29 15:52:24

The Fifth Course First Class Meeting

First meeting of the Fifth Course, allowing first-year students to pursue independent-study projects.

1964-10-12 08:52:24

Planning and Housing Board Established

The Planning Board is voted into existence at a Town Hall Meeting.

1964-10-16 15:52:24

Richard Nixon Comes to Claremont

As one of the Claremont Colleges, Pitzer participates in all-college convocations.

1964-10-26 15:52:24

Town Meeting Documented by TIME Magazine

Time Magazine photographers document the meeting for an article published in the November 6, 1964 edition.

1964-11-06 08:50:24

Luncheon with Author Marya Mannes

Students read Mannes’ controversial book "More in Anger" (J.B. Lippincott Co., New York, 1958) over the summer. They then participate in corridor discussions where they express their views.

1964-11-06 08:52:24

Dedication of Sanborn and Scott Halls

Students, faculty, staff and friends meet in the Sanborn Hall parking lot for the dedication of Scott and Sanborn Halls.

1964-11-06 09:52:24

President Atherton Inaugurated

President John W. Atherton is inaugurated in Garrison Theater at Scripps College. Marya Mannes is the keynote speaker.

1964-12-05 08:52:24

Winter Holidays Celebrated

Sanborn Hall celebrates the winter holidays at a joint tree-decorating party with Harvey Mudd College.

1965-01-19 08:52:24

Pitzer Accredited

Pitzer is accredited for a three-year period by WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, after one semester of operation.

1965-02-13 08:52:24

Valentine Formal Ball: "Cupid's Beau"

The biggest social event of the Pitzer year is a Valentine formal ball.

1965-02-18 08:52:24

First Pitzer Convocation

President Atherton addresses the State of the College.

1965-02-22 08:52:24

House Council Meeting

The House Council Meeting proposals include "the possibility of opening up the Sanborn living room to men until 2 a.m."

1965-03-01 17:30:45

Ground Broken for Fletcher and Bernard Halls

The two hexagonal buildings are to be used for offices and classrooms. They are completed in late 1965 and early 1966 and used for the 1965-66 academic year.

1965-03-06 08:52:24

Electoral Board Established

A six-member Electoral Board is established. Members are nominated by the community and approved according to a 2.2 grade-point average qualification.

1965-03-20 08:52:24

Car Wash Fundraiser

A car wash fundraiser for Father-Daughter Weekend takes place in the Sanborn parking lot.

1965-04-12 17:30:45

Honor Code Discussed

The Town Hall Meeting focuses on the College's Honor Code.

1965-04-25 17:30:45

Water Fight!

Pitzer allies with CMC’s Green Hall against the rest of CMC on Parents’ Field at CMC.

1965-05-01 17:30:45

Ad Hoc Committee Established

An Ad Hoc Committee is established for the Study of the Composition, Functions and Jurisdiction of the Judicial Council.

1965-05-03 17:30:45

Final Town Hall Meeting

Bylaws for the regulation of community government are adopted at the final Town Hall Meeting for the year.

1965-05-12 17:30:45

Singin' in the Shower

Pitzer students break the Harvey Mudd College record for continuous singing in the shower, logging 170 hours, one hour longer than HMC’s record.

1965-05-22 15:52:24

Agriculture USA Appearance

Louise Beaudette ’68 represents Pitzer College on TV’s “Agriculture USA.”

1965-06-06 15:52:24

1st Commencement

Pitzer's first commencement is held on Sunday, June 6. There are three graduates.

1965-08-03 15:52:24

Holden Hall Completed

The College’s second dormitory, Holden Hall, is completed, providing residence for 200 students and two head residents.

1965-08-30 15:52:24

First Student Studies Abroad

Pitzer’s first student to study abroad, Deborah Deutsch (Smith) ’68 arrives in Rome for a year of studying at the Rome Center of Liberal Arts through Loyola University.

1965-09-23 15:52:24

Year 2 - Classes Begin

223 more young women join the student body.

1965-10-14 18:52:21

Anti-Vietnam Rally

Many members of the Pitzer College faculty participate in an anti-Vietnam Rally.

1966-02-22 18:52:21

Dedication of Fletcher and Bernard Halls

Founders Day is celebrated and the College’s two new academic buildings are dedicated.

1966-03-01 18:52:21

Dining Room Dress Code Relaxed

The Dining Room Committee also indicates that ‘taste befitting a lady is expected at all times.’

1966-03-01 18:52:21

Student-Faculty Conference

An all-day Student-Faculty Conference on Community Government is held.

1966-06-06 18:52:21

2nd Commencement

Nine graduates receive their Bachelor of Arts degrees.

1966-07-01 18:52:21

Pitzer Admission Office Opens

The new director of admissions is Sarah Needham of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Wiliam E. Frenaye from Pitzer’s Development Office, is appointed director of financial aid.

1966-09-29 18:52:21

Year 3 - Classes Begin

Pitzer College now has 450 students.

1966-10-01 18:52:21

Eating Out

Pitzer students are now having meals at three colleges: Scripps, Harvey Mudd and CMC.

1966-10-27 18:52:21

Holden Hall Dedicated

Holden Hall, the second dormitory, is dedicated.

1966-11-01 18:52:21

Construction of Mead Hall and McConnell Center

"Ground will be broken next month for a third dormitory and a dining center; both buildings will be ready for use in September, 1967.” – Holden Hall Dedication program, October 27, 1966

1966-12-01 18:52:21

Conference on Religion

Pitzer holds a three-day Conference on Religion.

1966-12-07 18:52:21

Tree Trimming Party

A tree-trimming party is held with HMC students.

1966-12-15 18:52:21

Experimental Theater

Experimental Theater: "Watts Towers Theatre Workshop" and "Cutting"

1967-03-01 15:52:24

Pitzer Pets

Campus news item on pets

1967-03-11 18:52:21

First Parents Day Is Held

Students’ parents participate in classes and panels.

Pitzer Class of 1968

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