2017 Elections in Africa

Kenyans vote again today. Here’s what they think about the current election crisis.

By Brandon Bartels, Jeremy Horowitz and Eric Kramon

Zimbabwe created a new ministry to monitor social media. But most Zimbabweans don’t want government monitoring.

By Chipo Dendere and Kim Yi Dionne

Kenya’s Supreme Court just declared the Aug. 8 elections invalid. Here’s what this means.

By Ken Opalo

It’s not just a rapper’s arrest that should raise alarms about authoritarianism in Tanzania

By Constantine Manda

Somalia’s new president now faces 3 big challenges

By Safia Farole

Did Congo’s crisis just get a lot worse?

By Philip Roessler and Harry Verhoeven

Ugandan lawmakers brawl over bill on presidential age limit. Here’s what citizens think.

By Kim Yi Dionne

How Egypt’s generals used street protests to stage a coup

By Neil Ketchley

Should President Kabila step down or get a third term? We asked the Congolese people.

By Jason Stearns, Herbert Weiss and Francesca Bomboko

Ghana shows a troubling willingness to accept political corruption, our recent survey shows

By Nic Cheeseman, Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis

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