Pegasus Health 25 years

In 1992 a group of medical professionals began talking about making things better

1986-07-27 06:51:04

1986 - a different world

It wasn't easy being a GP in 1986. "In 1986, most people were still putting their dollars in a shoebox under the front desk. It was very unusual to have a computer in a surgery back then. So you've got to remember, it was a very different world," - Canterbury GP.

1990-01-01 12:12:07

Beginning of collaboration

In 1990 Canterbury GPs formed a co-op and bought a building in Gloucester Street to initiate after-hours care.

1992-05-25 23:43:43

Who was in government?

Jim Bolger was the Prime Minister of New Zealand leading a National government. "The impetus for Pegasus Health came from the government’s 1991 green and white health reform papers that recommended a competitive, quasi market approach to providing health services. It was a winners and losers approach and as part of it they wrote to GPs and said we’re not satisfied with the existing arrangement and want to contract with you individually, " Dr Paul McCormack

1992-05-25 23:43:43

Mission Statement

The Pegasus Health mission statement for the 1990s was "The promotion of best clinical practice with optimal and ethical use of finite resources."

1992-08-02 01:00:31

Sporting gold

Athlete Barbara Kendall burst into national prominence by winning gold in boardsailing at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and became one of New Zealand's best performed female Olympians.

1992-08-13 22:18:40

Pegasus Health - the beginning

It was Thursday 13 August 1992. The early Pegasus pioneers brought together the majority of Christchurch GPs to form an Independent Practitioner Association (IPA).

1992-10-19 23:43:43

Fred Hollows Foundation launched

The foundation was originally established in Australia by the Kiwi-born ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to treat eye problems in poorer countries. It was launched in New Zealand in October 1992. Within six years 200,000 people had their sight restored via cataract surgery.

1992-10-19 23:43:43

Area Health Boards 1983

Between 1983 and 1993 the Government established 14 Area Health Boards (AHBs) in New Zealand. Funding was based on a population formula.

1993-07-01 20:52:01

Health reforms and budget holding

In July 1993 the National-led Government introduced some major structural changes to the New Zealand health system.

1993-07-01 20:52:01

Regional Health Authorities

In 1993 four Regional Health Authorities were established by the Government.

Pegasus Health 25 years

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