Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House History

The Cedar Cottage Digital Time Line is a work in progress to help visualize and make accessible the incredible history of this neighbourhood house.

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1950-02-16 06:04:18

Cedar Cottage Boys Club

5 fathers start the Cedar Cottage Boys Club. 75 boys show up on the first night in a field house on the Selkirk School grounds. They rented the space for 50 cents a night. Fathers names: Mr. Casey Jones (president) George Simmons Bob Frezell Charlie Whitworth.

1951-10-27 00:00:00

Award Winning Activities

A variety of activities were offered: woodwork, leather, shell and copper craft, radio, photography, lampshade making, sewing and a variety of sports. Each activity group had its own adult volunteer leader.

1952-01-18 05:18:46

Cedar Cottage Youth Club

Girls are invited to join in the activities and the Club changes its name from Cedar Cottage Boy Club to Cedar Cottage Youth Club.

1953-08-27 06:51:35

Cedar Cottage at the P.N.E.

Another Pacific National Exhibit

1954-06-23 07:34:50

Too many youth?

By 1953 there were 16 men and women on the board of the CCYC. But by 1954, the volume of youth in the club was so large that it was becoming difficult for the volunteer parents in the area.

1960-08-14 02:05:01

Youth Club becomes a Neighbourhood House

In 1960,Cedar Cottage Youth Club officially became the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House. The first E.D. of the neighbourhood House was Mrs. Pat Buckley.

1962-03-14 23:57:19

Youth in the early days of CCNH

Here the youth are gathered outside of the Lord Selkirk school. Cedar cottage Neighbourhood House is still operating out of 4030 Welwyn St. ; a manual training building on located on the school grounds. Youth, during these early times at CCNH, would be involved in...

1963-10-21 16:23:02

Amalgamation sought with Grandview Community Centre

Cedar Cottage seeks a new home. As the Grandview Community Association makes plans with the Parks Board to build a community Centre. CCNH proposes an amalgamation.

1963-12-17 15:17:25

Denied amalgamation with The Grandview Community Centre

The Grandview Community Association rejects Cedar Cottage's proposal to amalgamate.

1965-01-30 00:00:00

CCNH struggles getting New Building

In 1965 Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House acquired funds for its new building. Plans were underway until the first of many barriers were met...

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House History

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