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Start date: 1/10/2016;xNLx;End date: 30/09/2019

2016-10-01 23:40:19

The SARAH project has been launched!

SARAH (Increased Safety and robust certification for ditching of aircrafts and helicopters) is a Horizon 2020 collaborative project aiming at establishing novel holistic, simulation-based approaches to the analysis of aircraft ditching. The project is built up from a consortium of experts from OEM industries, experienced suppliers of simulation technologies, established research institutions and representatives of the certification authorities. The ambitious project has been launched in October 2016 and will be developed across a 36-month period.

2016-10-03 08:44:31

Local solutions

In regards to local solutions, partners have started working and are setting up models/ analysis environment. Also, concepts are prepared for local components.

2016-10-10 23:40:19

SARAH Kick off meeting

IBK-Innovation GMBH & CO. KG hosted a 2-day event on October 10th – 11th 2016 during which the official launch of the SARAH project took place. Besides the formal project kick off, the meeting provided an opportunity for all partners to meet, obtain an overview of the entire project and initiate the first interactions which will take place during the course of the project.

2016-11-14 20:38:31

Fluid-Structure-Interaction in the ditch tool

The modelling of a full aircraft to account for global deformations has been performed.

2016-11-16 07:06:58

SARAH's private area is available!

In collaborative research initiatives, communication is crucial for keeping all partners actively involved in the project. This includes on one hand the communication of the project and its results to potential stakeholders and on the other hand, we need to consider internal communication, i.e. facilitating the remote exchange of documents, optimizing the real-time involvement and update of all consortium members with regards to running and planned activities, and in overall ensuring an effortless partner-to-partner interaction upon which an effective collaborative spirit can thrive, and develop a successful project. In addition to face-to-face meetings, phone- or video-conferences and e-mails, the main internal communication tool of the consortium is a password protected area, accessible through the project’s public website, aiming to act as an internal virtual collaborative space.

2016-12-05 05:17:17

Methods to create the ditch-model and simulate water impact

The methods used to create the ditch-model and simulate water impact are the following: oThe Ditch-Code, which was developed by TUHH to simulate loads created during water impact of aircrafts, is able to perform simulation of the ditching event in time, taking into account the A/C geometry, mass-distribution and approach conditions. oThe DFTS (Ditch/ Floatation Tool Suite), which was developed by IBK as pre-/ post-processing tool around ditch-code, enables the user to create ditch-models more efficiently, providing comparisons and visualisation of model and results. It is worth mentioning that both tools are continuously improved by TUHH and IBK respectively.

2016-12-05 05:17:17

Global solutions

In regards to the global solutions, a model of BWB was generated by TUBS and provided to IBK. The model was implemented into DFTS-Tool and simulated using ditch-code as-is. The related results are currently analysed and the upgrade needs for DFTS/ ditch-tool are under review and in discussion with TUHH.

2016-12-12 17:26:57

The BWB Model was created

The BWB Model was created and supplied by TUBS

2016-12-12 23:40:19

Improvement of low-fidelity methods

Towards enhancing low and medium fidelity a new discretization method was implemented in the ditch tool.

2016-12-19 00:25:47

The first ditching model was created

The first ditching model was created and simulated by IBK: Results show expected behaviour


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