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Start date: 1/10/2016;xNLx;End date: 30/09/2019

#SARAHproject is on Twitter

SARAH is ready to tweet its news and achievements!

SARAH M6 progress meeting - Announcement

During the 25th and the 26th of April 2017 the SARAH Consortium will conduct the M6 Progress Meeting at Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Getafe, Spain where the progress performed since October 2016 will be presented to the consortium. The aim of the SARAH M6 Progress Meeting is to review the progress of each WP since October 2016 and the activities planned up to the end of the first year of the project in September 2017.

The SARAH public website is alive!

The project website is crucial to the dissemination objectives of the project; the internet is an efficient and widely used media of communication and thus it is one of the most important dedicated dissemination tools. The website acts as a continuous informative repository on the concept, objectives and structure of the project, while it is also updated on the latest progress activities, meetings, news, presentations, etc.

SARAH Poster is available

The SARAH poster was developed in harmonization to the project’s leaflet, aiming to support the partners in their dissemination activities, so that it may be displayed at scientific events, technical seminars and exhibitions. The project poster was designed by EASN-TIS, following the content and layout of the leaflet.

The SARAH Linkedin group is available!

The SARAH Linkedin group has been created!

The SARAH Facebook page is available!

The SARAH Facebook page has been created

SARAH leaflet is available

The project leaflets aim at facilitating partners in their dissemination and communication activities. In particular, distribution of SARAH leaflets is planned to take place during participation at high-impact scientific events, technical seminars, exhibitions, etc. In this way, the expected recipients of this material will include researchers, academics, experts and industrial representatives working on similar activities and application fields, thus being greatly familiar with the technical language, challenges and objectives of simulation-based approaches to the analysis of aircraft ditching. At the same time however, SARAH leaflets will be distributed at open events, communication and networking activities, the target audiences of which may be not so familiar with the technical content, yet interested to learn about the outcomes and impact of the project. These audiences include policy makers, investors, or even European citizens. To this end, it was important to ensure that the language and illustrations that were to be used, would be easily understood by the aforementioned target audiences.

SARAH in the January 2017 issue of the EASN Newsletter

A SARAH related article has been published in the January 2017 issue of the European Aeronautics Science Network Newsletter highlighting the significant progress of the project. "SARAH (Increased Safety and robust certification for ditching of aircrafts and helicopters) is a Horizon 2020 collaborative project aiming at establishing novel holistic, simulation-based approaches to the analysis of aircraft ditching. The project is built up from a consortium of experts from OEM industries, experienced suppliers of simulation technologies, established research institutions and representatives of the certification authorities. The ambitious project has been launched in October 2016 and will be developed across a 36-month period." For the entire article please visit the January 2017 issue of the EASN Newsletter.

TUHH participates in SARAH!

TUHH participates in SARAH!

Local solutions

In regards to local solutions, partners have started working and are setting up models/ analysis environment. Also, concepts are prepared for local components.

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