MSC & LFB 20 Years

Moore Stephens Consulting celebrates the 20th anniversary of its relationship with the London Fire Brigade.

Since our first involvement with the London Fire Brigade (LFB) on the Computers on Fire Stations project in 1996, MSC has worked with the brigade in the development of an expansive suite of integrated systems that support its daily operations. These systems encompass rostering, attendance management, sickness management, incident recording, training, personal development and more recently the development of tablet-based assessment apps supporting activities such as premises and operational risk assessments.;xNLx;;xNLx;;xSTx;b;xETx; Please click on any box on the timeline for more detail about each milestone. ;xSTx;/b;xETx;

MDT Data Warehouse

CAMS Project

Integration of StARS & IMS with Vision Go Live

StARS 2.0 (ProCad Integration) Analysis

IMS Go Live Go Live

Personal Developement Plan (PDP) System

STEP Project

STEP comprises a suite of applications that are designed to streamline the way training is delivered and recorded across the London Fire Brigade. It necessitated a restructure of the training department, which produced a cost effective and efficient way of planning and administrating training input both at stations (by Watch Managers via BPA etc.) and by the organisation via formal Training & Development input.

StARS Go Live

Station Diary Development

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