Monster Jam 25 Years of Evolution

Monster Jam fans make their first stop at the official merchandise stand when they get to the show. Each year, there’s a new yearbook, filled with great pictures and information. These become collectibles that are dusted off over time. Here are the covers from the 25 years of Monster Jam.

Escalade Freestyle from San Francisco 2007

After capturing the racing win, Escalade goes after the Double Down in San Francisco.

Son-uva Digger Freestyle from Orlando 2015

After a Double Down performance in 2014, Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger came back to Orlando for more in 2015.

El Toro Loco Freestyle from Detroit 2006

Now in its fifth season of Monster Jam competition, El Toro Loco has proven to be a fan favorite.

Team Hot Wheels Freestyle from Foxboro 2016

Holding a hot hand, Team Hot Wheels reels off a third straight stadium freestyle victory by winning in Foxboro.

Nitro Circus Freestyle Pt.2 from Jacksonville 2010

Fans are still talking about the night that this particular freestyle run set the bar for future competitions.

Nitro Circus Freestyle Pt.1 from Jacksonville 2010

Cam McQueen was beginning to make a name for himself in Monster Jam.

Metal Mulisha Freestyle from Anaheim 2014

The Anaheim track always provided a the biggest challenge and drivers knew they had to give it everything to have a chance at winning.

Grave Digger the Legend Freestyle from Toronto 2011

Toronto got its first look at Adam Anderson and Grave Digger The Legend with a 2011 appearance.

Wild Thang vs Nitemare from Chicago 1997

Nothing challenges the skill of driver and machine like a race course and a desire to win.

Crushstation Freestyle from Milwaukee 2013

Crushstation heads inland to rack up some top performances of a Milwaukee weekend.

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