21 Texas Law Enforcement Officers Lost Their Lives In 2016

Police officers are killed in the line of duty every year.

Most people take it for granted that police officers spend countless hours away from their families to ensure our community’s safety. They take an oath to protect us, which means they put our safety ahead of themselves. ;xNLx;Police as a whole receive harsh criticism due to poor actions of a few officers, which are publicized in the news. Police officers make large sacrifices, not just by placing themselves in danger, but also due to the long hours and odd hours of the job. They miss their kids growing up, special events, and family get-togethers due to the demanding schedule. ;xNLx;They risk their lives every moment they wear the uniform.;xNLx;As a law office, we wanted to pay tribute to them and their families, so they know how much we truly appreciate them.

2016-01-01 09:45:20

Remembering the Fallen Texan Police Officers of 2016

2016-03-01 09:45:20

Police Officer David Stefan Hofer

Euless Police Department, TX

2016-03-14 09:45:20

Patrolman David Ortiz

El Paso Police Department, TX

2016-03-26 09:45:20

Trooper Jeffrey Nichols

Texas Department of Public Safety - Texas Highway Patrol, TX

2016-04-18 09:45:20

Border Patrol Agent Jose Daniel Barraza

United States Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection - United States Border Patrol, US

2016-06-12 09:45:20

Police Officer Endy Nddiobong Ekpanya

Pearland Police Department, TX

2016-06-19 09:45:20

Stacey Allen Baumgartner

Patton Village Police Department, Texas

2016-07-05 09:45:20

Police Officer Calvin "Mark" McCullers

Southern Methodist University Police Department, TX

2016-07-07 09:45:20

Police Officer Michael Leslie Krol

Dallas Police Department, Texas

2016-07-07 09:45:20

Senior Corporal Lorne Bradley Ahrens

Dallas Police Department, TX

21 Texas Law Enforcement Officers Lost Their Lives In 2016

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