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Broad City centers around two NY friends who travel around their city getting high and in trouble.

Broad City Season 2 Finale

The season finale of season 2 is similarly shot and composed in the same way as the "I Heart New York" episode from the web series. It, also incorporates the city street level vibe that Broad City has shown to be a main component in the series narrative.

Broad City Season 3 Finale

In the two part finale of Season 3, the girls intro is inspired from a web series skit about yoga and the continual use of that setting throughout the seasons on t.v. and simultaneously joking about flatulence. The main plot is that they are on about to meet up to go on the journey to the airport.

The Future of Broad City

Jacobson and Glazer have created a series so profound that it has already been renewed for another two seasons, for a total of five once done. They have used their own influences to create something that truly captures, in a comedic interpretation, what it's like to be women who don't have life figured out and are just trying to get by with a little help from some friends.

Feminist Heroes

Women writing comedic roles for women is something that seems common knowledge but in the industry, it is mostly anecdotal in experience and it is mainly because of the male dominated writer’s room. Broad city has redefined the comedic approach of the female fuck-up character by having the writers' presence be the main influence for each of the girls’ personalities. Broad City, also, hosts a number of famous female comediennes and celebrities, including: Amy Poehler, Amy Sedaris, Patricia Clarkson, Kelly Ripa,Cynthia Nixon, Whoopi Goldberg Ellis Ross & Tymberlee Hill. As well as, Hillary Clinton making an appearance in season 3

Equal Opportunity Nudity

There is something about Broad City's Feminist approach to character and story development that delves into aspects of women's and men's lives that gets overlooked in mainstream media. The roles of Lincoln, Trey and Jaimé are counter creations of the ideal male persona in mainstream shows, they are more in tune with their emotions and are more understanding than male characters are perceived to be. As for Abbi and Ilana, they are equally nude on the show the same amount as their male actors and they sexualize men in ways that most female comics are unable to.


Hour long Interview with Abbi, Ilana, and Amy Poehler discussing Broad City Season 1 and what to expect with Season 2.

Broad City Season 1

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's dynamic female relationship on their show, "Broad City", supports an untapped interpretation of the modern unruly woman. The duo are, essentially, in a platonic relationship with one another, and they act as each other's guide and confidant on dealing with the dilemmas of twenty-something females who aren't, in essence, proper ladies. Jacobson and Glazer's wacky "weed-head" antics get them in heightened situational versions of reality while simultaneously tackling issues of equality, sexuality, racism, religion, political and systemic patriarchy, and, overall, female behavior. 

Broad City Season 2

In season two of Broad City, Abbi and Ilana deal with issues involving White Power Suits, pegging and other sexual experiences, FOMO, citizenship graduations, and Ilana turning 23. Each episode funnier than the last season two amplified Broad City's presence in the comedic community.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

Jacobson moved to New York in 2006, after studying visual arts in college. After a year of living in NY and attending classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade, she met Ilana and they continued to work together at UCB for two years; Ilana had previously done various other comedy avenues and had been attending UCB without knowledge of Abbi.

Broad City Season 3

In the series premiere of season three, the cinematic style of the dual screen edit shows Abbi and Ilana's bathrooms over the period of a year. They meet up for lunch before an art gallery and calamity ensues, they have the chase scene around the streets of NYC and embarrass themselves beyond belief.

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