Hank29 and before....

a potted history in anticipation of future memory loss. (Hint : switch to 2d at bottom left if this view annoys you!!)

Kastrator - Formed

Andy R, Dave Ellam, Phil Holden, Mark Noble and one bloody awful band name!

'On the Green'

a mini music meet at the new Stetson3 Yeadon. Nulsh, andy and Chief with Tony Cole as photographer

'The Skye'

The first music trip away. recorded at Tir Nan Ogg on Skye by Andy , Andy and Nulsh Also when we met Nick

'Sure aint Hank Williams'

3rd Hank29 Album recorded Stetson 2 in Horsforth by Andy and ANdy


Finally picked a guitar up again

Hank29 acoustic Live 2

Chief and Andy start work on a two piece acoustic live set performed over the next year.

THOK new formation

Andy and Andy Reid leave the quickening taking Peter the drummer and are joined by Mark to reform THOK with a change of style musically.

The Last Word in Lonesome is Me

The film by Walter Western Films. Written by Hank29. pre production reels and first sections completed

'The Lost Weekend'

The first solo recording by Hank29 written and recorded entirely by Andy over one weekend. This started the idea of the music weeks away.

THOK - 'Fat Happy Monkey'

Carried on as a 3 piece with Drum machine, Andy , Andy & Mark Change of music style again. recorded at Submarine Studios in York

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