Sir Robert Menzies' Life and Times

Scroll backwards and forwards to explore the history of and surrounding Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister.

1894-12-20 00:00:00

Robert Gordon Menzies born at Jeparit, Victoria

Robert Gordon (Bob) Menzies, fourth child of James and Kate (née Sampson), is born. His family is political active, and conservative.

1895-01-30 09:00:00

Premiers debate Federation

The Premiers of the Australian colonies, meeting in Hobart, agree to hold a new federation convention.

1895-09-30 07:58:36

"Bailed Up" shown for the first time

Tom Roberts painting "Bailed Up" is shown for the first time at an exhibition in Sydney.

1896-04-25 03:35:56

South Australian women vote

South Australian women vote for the first time in an election for the Legislative Assembly. They are the first women to vote for any Australian parliament.

1896-04-28 03:35:56

Sir Henry Parkes dies

Sir Henry Parkers, former Premier of New South Wales, died aged 80. He is commonly referred to as 'Father of Federation', though he did not live to see it.

1897-06-22 07:58:36

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

The British Empire celebrates the 60 year reign of Queen Victoria. The Australian Premiers travel to London for the celebrations. Contingents of Australian colonial troops participate in the parade. The Queen sends a telegram of thanks to the Australian colonies.

1899-03-02 00:00:00

Pattie Maie Leckie born at Alexandra, Victoria,

Pattie Mae Leckie, future wife of Robert Gordon Menzies, is born into a politically active family. Her father was a businessman and politician, later serving as a Minister under Menzies.

1899-10-11 03:00:18

Boer War commences

War begins between the two Boer Republics and the British Empire. The Australian colonies, and later the Commonwealth, dispatch troops. It is the Commonwealth's first war. Initially popular, enthusiasm waned as the war dragged on. The Boer's finally surrendered in 1902.

1900-01-25 00:00:00

Colonial Labour parties agree to form Federal Party

Colonial Labour parties vote to establish a Federal Labour Party. Following the first Federal election, the Federal Parliamentary Labour Party holds its first caucus on 8 May 1901.

1901-01-01 00:00:00

Australia becomes a federation

The Constitution of Australia comes into force, bringing the colonies of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia into a federation and establishing a national government. The first federal election follows in March 1901, contested by the Protectionist, Free Trade, and Labor parties.

Sir Robert Menzies' Life and Times

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