Arkansas History: Pre-History to Secession

0500 BC-08-01 06:22:13

Pre-historic times

Arkansas is influenced by the Hopewell Culture through trade and rituals. -Large earthen mounds are built by the Plum Bayou culture in central Arkansas.

0900-08-01 06:22:13

Pre-historic times

The Mississippians thrive on agriculture and build towns. The St. Francis River becomes the home of the Parkin Indians. See: Berry, Trey. The Arkansas Journey. Gibbs Smith, 2007, pp. 32-3.

1541-10-01 09:55:59

Hernando De Soto

Spanish conquistador, Hernando De Soto, leads the first European expedition into Arkansas.

1673-12-01 00:12:03

Marquette and Jolliet

Frenchmen Father Marquette and Louis Jolliet explore the Mississippi River and decide that it flows into the Gulf of Mexico and not the Pacific Ocean.

1674-12-22 21:31:07

La Salle Navigates the Mississippi River

Renee-Robert Cavelier de La Salle was the first European to travel the length of the Mississippi River. His mission was to explore and establish fur-trade routes along the river.

1682-08-01 06:22:13

Arkansas Post Founded by Henri de Tonti

Arkansas Post is founded by Henri de Tonti. Established as a trading post, travel station and Jesuit mission, it was the first European settlement in the lower Mississippi Valley.

1717-01-01 09:31:30

John Law's Concession and the Arkansas Post

Land speculator John Law leads a failed attempt to settle the area around Arkansas Post.

1722-01-01 09:31:30

La Harpe Lands Near "Little Rock"

Adventurer Bernard de la Harpe travels up the Arkansas River seeking precious metals. He finds none but his journal describes the area of present-day Little Rock.

1731-08-01 06:22:13

Louisiana becomes royal colony of France

The area of land known as Louisiana becomes a royal colony of France. This includes present-day Arkansas.

1749-05-10 06:22:13

Chicasaw Indians Attack Arkansas Post

As part of a larger conflict between the Chicasaw Indians and French settlers, Arkansas Post was attacked by 150 Choctaw warriors, destroying homes, killing men, and taking women and children captive.

Arkansas History: Pre-History to Secession

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