The Riekes Center - An On Going Legacy

After injuring his back as a sophomore football player at Stanford in 1970, Gary began a long process of rehabilitation, which lasted over a decade. During that time he learned a great deal about strength and conditioning techniques and injury prevention. Athletes began to show up at his house and ask for his help, and Gary began coaching them in his backyard.

This timeline is a look back and forward at the amazing achievements of the thousands of people who've been a art of the Riekes Center throughout the decades.

1908-07-11 05:41:30

The American Patriot

The one and only Max Riekes was born!

1951-04-01 13:38:26

Gary Riekes was Born

On the greatest day of all time, the one and only Gary Riekes was born to his fabulous parents in Omaha Nebraska.

1969-08-18 11:48:40

Gary Heads Off to College

Gary leaves his home in Omaha, Nebraska to start his new journey at Stanford.

1969-12-15 19:25:33

A Man of Many Talents

Gary came into Stanford as a professional classical musician. He played English Horn in the Stanford orchestra. On top of that, Gary played wide receiver for their football team.

1970-04-01 13:38:26

The Injury

During Gary's Sophomore year at Stanford he severely injured his back playing Football.

1970-06-08 03:23:12

Surgery After Surgery

Gary went through several unsuccessful back operations until he became bedridden. During this time he realized that rather than accomplishing his own goals he can focus on helping others accomplish theirs.

1970-10-08 03:23:12

The Road to Recovery

Gary began rehabilitation, which lasted over a decade. During this time he learned a lot about strength and conditioning techniques, as well as injury prevention.

1972-02-04 03:58:18

Putting His Talents to Use

To better suit his lifestyle, Gary became a private strength coach, mainly for professional athletes, and a sound engineer and writer for his performance group.

1973-02-04 03:58:18

Finding Strength in Recovery

One of Gary's greatest struggle's was trying recover from his back injury. Aside from his indoor gym, he built a 75 foot one-lane swimming pool to walk back and forth in while gradually lowering the water level until he was healed.

1974-04-11 13:38:26

Sand Piper Music Company

Continuing on with his passion for music, Gary partnered with Carla Piper in the Soundpiper Music Company.

The Riekes Center - An On Going Legacy

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