History of Saint Andrew's School

Founded by people of Scottish heritage, the school was named after the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew. On Friday, September 21, 1962, Saint Andrew's School officially opened its doors with just over 120 students. In the early 1960s, the school's campus was significantly removed from the small population base of Boca Raton. The first chapel services were held outdoors in the 'Chickee Chapel' built by Seminole Indians and framed from native trees with palmetto fronds for a roof. Snakes and alligators were a frequent nuisance on campus. On the athletic front, Go Scots! became a familiar chant at all sporting events lead by Scotty, the school's new mascot. Attractive and safe residential neighborhoods developed around the large impressive campus, which showcased much of the native pine, tropical foliage, and buildings of Bahamian colonial design. While Saint Andrew’s opened as a boarding school for boys, today it is a co-educational day and boarding school with 1285 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Rev. Andrews Joins SA

The Reverend George Andrews II becomes the school's seventh Headmaster. The school announces that a new entrance off of Jog Road will be built as part of the school's master site plan. Students Hilary Pushkin and Peter Fechtel propose the reinstitution of a Saint Andrew's School Honor System. New employees include Kathy Van-Valkenburg (Business) and Allene Niemec (Library, College Guidance), among others.

Honor Code Revived

The Honor Code is formally instituted on campus. An Honor Committee is named in January of 1990, with the charge of instituting the Saint Andrew's School Honor System; Evan Nadel is named the first Senior Prefect. New official address of the school campus is 3900 Jog Road. The school dedicates a new classroom and administration building in the Upper School. New faculty includes LuAnn Warner Prokos (Middle School), wife of John Prokos '76, among others.

Senior Projects and Trips

Senior projects are instituted and seniors engage in off-campus experiential learning during spring break. The popular "Pack and Paddle" trips are launched and continue on for many years as an exciting spring break option.

Foreign Student Enrollment Grows

The Town Center Mall opens on August 13 with much excitement. The Saint Andrew's campus is no longer considered out in the "boon-docks!" Foreign student enrollment grows with students coming from the Bahamas, United Kingdom, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, Iran, and the Netherlands. New faculty members Bari Attis (English), Barbara Frey (English), and David Parker (Choral) join the SA community.

John Cotton Becomes 5th Headmaster

John Cotton becomes the school's fifth Headmaster. The Bagpiper comments, "The youngest headmaster this school has ever seen is optimistic about his new job. He sees himself as a co-ordinator rather than a ruler. He ties together the administration's programs and efforts. He is a believer in the group effort relying on practical compromise rather than rank." In addition, W.W. "Jack" Bower joins SAS as Dean of Students.

Snow Falls for First Time

On January 19, during a brutally cold day, snow falls on the Saint Andrew's campus for the first time. Administrators, staff, and students struggle to stay warm as the campus is without electricity for quite some time. In May, David Posey '73 is selected as a kicker in the 9th round of the NFL player draft by the San Francisco 49ers. He goes on to play for the New England Patriots in 1978. In 2002, he is inducted in to the Saint Andrew's School Stunkel Family Athletic Hall of Fame.

Celebrating 25 Years

Saint Andrew's School celebrates its 25th year of operation. A separate Middle School is added. New faculty members include Betsy Pickup (Science), Jan Emigh (Music), Reed Martin (Math), Judith Mead (Art), Wendy Sable (English), and Stacy Fogelman O'Connell (Athletics), among others. Rev. Henry Prior (Chaplain/Science) retires after 21 years of service.

Student Commons Built

The Richman~Aker Student Commons is built over the location of McIntyre Hall. In its current form, the Richman~Aker Student Commons includes the Mariani Great Hall, John and Margaret Mary Shuff Student Center, Saint Andrew's Room, and Crangi Foyer. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily in Mariani Great Hall.

Seniors Continue Popular Tradition

Graduating seniors continue a tradition to jump in the lake after commencement. As part of a six million dollar campaign, a new Middle School campus opens on the east side of campus with a Pod system for the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades. The Friends of the Arts (FOA) parent group is established with founding members Bari Attis, Teresa Vignau, parent Pam Kell, and Phil Crangi.

School Endowment Doubles

The Lucy Henderson Unrestricted Endowment Fund is established. The gift from Lucy Henderson (former wife of the late Alexander Henderson) more than doubles the school's endowment and is the largest single donation ever received.

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