Celebrating 150 Years - The Storm King School's Sesquicentennial!

Celebrating 150 Years - The Storm King School's Sesquicentennial!

1867-09-01 00:00:00

How It All Began: The Cornwall Heights School

Reverend Dr. Louis P. Ledoux purchases the Wood Farm on the Heights, a spur of Storm King Mountain and moves his school from the village, establishing the Cornwall Heights School. The Wood boarding house, “a plain Noah’s Ark-shaped house,” was the home of the school for 28 years.

1870-09-01 17:37:58

The Crumb

The Crumb -- A "journal of amusing stories, and useful information” is published, and believed to be the School’s first student newspaper.

1872-09-01 14:37:09

Mr. Oren Cobb

Mr. Oren Cobb becomes proprietor of the School shortly after marrying Adele Bisbee on September 12th of that year. He serves as headmaster for 15 years until ill health forces him to step down.

1887-09-01 14:26:29

Dr. Carlos H. Stone

Dr. Carlos H. Stone begins 29-year term as headmaster. Dr. Stone enlarges the campus, increases enrollment, and, by 1907, completes all the new construction that would take place on the campus for 50 years, with the exception of Stone Hall, built in 1927.

1900-09-01 18:30:48

The Echo

The Echo, a school literary magazine and precursor to The Quarry newspaper, makes its first appearance. Editor-in-chief is Jim Robertson.

1903-03-01 21:18:34

Cornwall Heights School - Dramatic's Club

A new student theater group is formed, known as the Dramatics Club. Over the years, the club is known by various names, such as The Players Club, The Mountaineer Players and Mountain Top Players. In all of its incarnations, the group shares the goal of cultivating student creativity and interest in the theater and performing arts.

1905-07-01 18:30:48

Let there be heat!

Hot water heat is installed and in July, a new gym is under construction by contractor George Stevenson.

1911-09-01 18:30:48

The Jabberwocky Yearbook

Cornwall Heights School’s yearbook, The Jabberwocky, is published. That year, 8 senior boys graduate and sports include football, tennis, baseball and a newly created “minor” sport – ice hockey. The one-act comedy “Dr. Baxter’s Wonderful Invention” is staged during the winter season.

1912-09-01 00:00:00

The Stone School

In 1912, Cornwall Heights School is renamed The Stone School and incorporated under New York State law on June 25, 1914.

1912-09-01 07:11:26

The Quarry - Newspaper

The school’s newspaper, The Quarry is first published.

Celebrating 150 Years - The Storm King School's Sesquicentennial!

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