In 1975 museum director James Elliot started the MATRIX program, presenting the work of emerging artist from around the world in Hartford. The series often provides the opportunity for young artist to have their first solo museum exhibition and over the years has launched the careers of numerous artists. MATRIX has inspired more than fifty program across the country at museums in Berkeley, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta. For the first two decades, curator Andrea Miller-Keller led the MATRIX program. The history of this series is an important legacy for the museum and history of contemporary art.

MATRIX 139: Joe Coleman

MATRIX 110: Robert Arneson

MATRIX 43: Komar and Melamid

MATRIX 100: Annette Lemieux

MATRIX 21: David Gilhooly

MATRIX 99: Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel

MATRIX 25: Dale Chihuly

MATRIX 145: Francis Alÿs

MATRIX 52: Andrew Wyeth

Artist on view on Avery 3

MATRIX 172: Mark Bradford

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