Amalgamated Security Services Limited

This year Amalgamated Security Services Limited celebrates 32, but the company’s roots extend well into the late 20th century, and have earned a Caribbean reputation for developing and incorporating innovative and effective solutions to challenging security related problems. Explore this timeline to discover Amalgamated Security Services Limited and its mark in security services.

Founded in 1983, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is a well established, Caribbean-based, privately owned Security and Risk Management Company.;xNLx;;xNLx;We have a wealth of knowledge in Private Security and the supply of security personnel and life saving products, with a high-profile client base including many government agencies, and private and public companies throughout the Caribbean.;xNLx;;xNLx;"Our extensive knowledge base in state-of-the-art and best practice which include security products and services has allowed us to become the largest single provider of a wide range of security-related services and products in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean."

1983-12-12 00:00:00

Aboud Security Service Formed

Aboud Security Service, formed in 1983, was born out of Michael Aboud’s vision and determination to establish a company that will provide innovative and exclusive solutions tailored to the security industry and its clientele. Operating out of Sea Lots with just a handful of officers and one vehicle (black escort), Michael Aboud chose to change the name to Amalgamated Security Service Limited, in 1986 and move its office to Kelly Kenny Street, Port-of-Spain. At this office, he opened a child care centre, the finance branch and the company’s sport and cultural club. He appointed George Phillip, as the first General Manager and hired Anthony Joseph as one of the first security officer’s under Amalgamated Security Service Limited. The company first banked with Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago, in that era.

1986-01-01 15:31:32

Michael Aboud established the K9 Division

Characteristic of his optimism and ambition, Michael established the K9 Division for home and commercial property protection as an addition to his line of security services offered to clients. He procured a mix breed German Sheppard, two (2) Rotweillers and a pitbull. He appointed k-9 Trainers as follows: Theophillus Philip Sherry-Ann Anthony Ottley

1986-02-02 15:15:03

Central Monitoring Station Launched

He also founded the first central monitoring station in the country with just one computer system, two phone lines and a server at its Kelly Kenny Street Office in Port-of Spain.

1986-03-03 10:30:08

Amalgamated Security Services Launches Cash-in-Transit Division

Later that year, Michael Aboud established the Cash in Transit division to provide secure and reliable transportation of money to/from any location in Trinidad & Tobago. He procured the 1st Armoured vehicle shown in the picture (middle) to facilitate this service. Subsequently as his clients grew, he procured the 2nd (from right) and 3rd (from left) armored vehicles also shown below.

1988-02-08 20:46:40

Amalgamated Security Services 1st Rapid Response Unit

He acquired a building on the 22nd Sept. 1989, at Romeo Street, Port of Spain and launched the first Rapid Response Unit, comprising of a team of four (Allan Cummings, Carl Duncan, Anthony Ottley and Sean Chavellie). This unit patrolled areas of Port-of-Spain and environs.

1988-02-10 02:35:51

Michael Aboud Established the Alarms & Electronics Division

Michael Aboud founded the Alarms & Electronics Division simply with one (1) vehicle, a technician named Richard Ali and an assistant named Kenrick Dookie.

1991-01-09 22:06:05

Amalgamated Security Services Conducts Self Defence Training

Amalgamated Security Services Conducts Self Defence Training

1991-12-21 07:10:38

Corporate Events - Annual Awards Ceremony

This year marked the first of many recognition awards function to be hosted by Michael Aboud in recognition to his staff for their dedication and hardwork. The East & South Division received the Area Proficiency Challenge Trophy.

1992-01-02 07:10:38

1st Security Marine Patrol Unit

In 1992, Michael Aboud extended its security portfolio by purchasing a boat named “Stingray” and launching the marine patrol unit subsequent to training completed by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard in Basic Semenship and Sea Survival Techniques on 16th April 1992. In attendance was Stephen Lafleur (Marine Supervisor), Allan Cummings and Marine Officers.

1992-03-28 07:10:38

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Presents Technology in the Fight Against Crime

Michael Aboud hosted a seminar on Technology in the Fight Against Crime, in attendance at the seminar was Kenny Noor Mohammed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Force and Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited

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