World-Wide Business Centres Celebrates 45 Years

World-Wide Business Centres’ New York facility is located in 63,000 square feet of prime office space on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors of 575 Madison Avenue. This prestigious building, located at Madison Avenue and 57th Street directly across the street from the IBM and Sony Towers, offers a modern marble entry lobby, high speed elevators and state-of-the-art air handling system.;xNLx;;xNLx;Located in the heart of New York City’s business district, our address is within easy walking distance of ten five-star hotels, the head offices of four major U.S. banks as well as a number of foreign banks and many corporate headquarters. Public and private transportation offers easy access to and from area airports, local transportation hubs and the downtown financial district.;xNLx;;xNLx;Three full floors provide a selection of 220 fully furnished, tastefully decorated offices and fully equipped conference rooms. Beautifully appointed reception areas decorated with original works of art are the focal point for the arrival of all visitors. Owner/operated since 1970, the facility boasts the highest staff-to-client ratio in the industry; the average tenure of all staff members exceeds three years, with supervisory and management personnel averaging over 20 years; all possess unparalleled experience meeting clients’ needs.;xNLx;;xNLx;Join such companies as Bloomberg LP, CDC, the U.S. subsidiary of France’s second largest bank, Sports Television Network, Westwood One and Yourdon Inc. that have developed enormously successful companies based on their start in New York at WWBC.;xNLx;

1970-07-01 14:40:05

World-Wide Business Centres opens at 445 Park Ave, NYC

Alan Bain opens WWBC, the first of its kind, at 445 Park Avenue. Located in 1500 square feet, the facility offered 3 offices, a conference room, reception/work area. an IBM typewriter, hand-cranked pencil sharpener, Roneo duplicating machine, telex and rotary phones. WWBC introduces the "Virtual Plan" to the business traveler through its "Identity Plan". The Plan allowed clients to use the address, phone and telex number, a conference room and have access to staff support while travelling.

1970-10-01 04:50:15

World Trade Center was close to completion

Construction begins on March 21,1966 at the WTC site with the demolition of 78 Dey Street. In Oct 1970, the North Tower of the WTC exceeds the height of Empire State Building, making it the tallest building in the world.

1970-11-12 14:40:05

WWBC Business Communication of the Day

Business Communication was either by mail, teletype/telex machine or a land line telephone call supplied uniquely by New York Telephone that had a monopoly on the market. Installations would take over a month or longer. or on a teletype/telex machine

1970-11-16 04:50:15

WWBC Services

Services are targeted at the Business Traveller. They are available as needed and paid for as used. These included access to phone and telex communications; office and conference rooms available by the hour; mail and delivery receipt; with staff support available charged in quarter hour increments.

1972-08-22 04:50:15

WWBC Opens London Office

WWBC opens a London office in response to British Overseas Airways Corporation's decision to promote WWBC to its Business Travelers.

1974-10-16 04:50:15

WWBC Moves to 575 Madison Ave in Response to a New Market Opportunity

WWBC occupied a portion of the 10th Floor with 28 offices and two conference rooms and a staff of six.

1974-11-16 04:50:15

WWBC Switchboard

Calls were answered (with a courtesy unknown to Lily Tomlin) using a plug board switchboard and all messages were written by hand.

1976-07-04 04:50:15

NYC Celebrates the Bicentennial

And Alan Bain celebrates his 40th Birthday thanks to a gift from his late wife and co-founder, Linda Miller Bain, of a yacht cruise among the Tall Ships that were visiting from around the world to commemorate New York's Harbor as the world's leading commercial port.

1976-12-22 04:50:15

WWBC continues to grow

As sections of the 10th Floor became available, having been vacated by a lawyer with whom Alan Bain had practiced in the City, WWBC added to its inventory more than 50 new offices, affectively tripling its size by the end of 1976.

1977-04-10 04:50:15

WWBC NY Times Article

WWBC is featured in a NY Times piece.

World-Wide Business Centres Celebrates 45 Years

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