CUPE Equality History

CUPE has a proud history of fighting for the rights of equality-seeking groups both at work and in the community. This timeline highlights some of the major causes we've championed over the years.

1963-01-01 13:41:40

The 1960s

What was happening during the 1960s? Here's a short list to provide some context.

1963-09-24 00:00:00

CUPE is formed

A merger of the National Union of Public Employees (NUPE) and the National Union of Public Service Employees (NUPSE) forms the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

1963-11-01 13:41:40

CUPE joins Public Services International

CUPE joins Public Services International.

1963-11-14 13:41:40

Resolution to petition for rights of Native Peoples

National Convention votes to petition the federal government to repeal laws and give Indigenous Peoples the same rights as other Canadians.

1963-12-01 13:41:40

Resolution to call for department of peace

National Convention calls for a federal government department on peace, working with the Canada Peace Research Institute.

1964-08-01 13:41:40

First women’s committee

Grace Hartman, CUPE Regional Vice-President, chairs the Ontario Federation of Labour’s first Women’s Committee.

1965-04-01 18:17:38

Campaign for equal pay

550 Saskatchewan hospital workers (mainly women) in 34 locals run a yearlong campaign for provincial bargaining, picketing government and demanding equal pay for equal work and a “living wage” for “maids,” “domestics” and other hospital workers.

1965-06-01 13:41:40

Maternity leave negotiated

Maternity leave for six months without loss of seniority negotiated at New Brunswick health centre.

1967-02-01 13:41:40

First woman in national leadership post

Grace Hartman, CUPE 373, City of North York, elected National Secretary-Treasurer, making labour history as first woman in top national union job in Canada.

1967-04-01 13:41:40

Pay equity breakthrough

First pay equity breakthrough when CUPE 101 in London, Ontario wins end to separate collective agreements for men and women.

CUPE Equality History

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