The Trinity Centre

Completed in 1829, Holy Trinity Old Market was the first in a period of dynamic church building. Holy Trinity seated 1,500 and, up until post-1945, did so regularly.

Dance Nights, Ashton Court & U2

Steve Hunt talks about how the Dance & Club scene grew rapidly in Bristol.

Culture at Trinity

Katy Noakes talks about music at Trinity and remembers her time going to see Culture.

Fetish night protest

Liz Lewitt talks about the troubles arising from Trinity's fetish night event.

Bristol's first Pride Parade

Bristol held its first Pride event consisting of a parade from Castle Green to the Trinity Centre. Entertainment included bands, stalls and line dancing.

End of the Mission?

Of all the grand closures in Old Market, the local churches were among the most noticeable.

Trinity's new life

Following its closure in 1977, Holy Trinity Church was purchased by Bristol’s African Caribbean Association.

Jack Williams shares his memories of Trinity Church

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