We Are Mad Al

Mad Al orders first ATVs for rural Alaska delivery.

Jacob expands Mad Al reach by opening a second warehouse in Kentucky. East coast customers are happy with lower shipping rates and expanded product lines.

Mad Al places its initial Base Set 1 Pokemon order. Even though stores will not pre-order this new game, Mad Al places the third largest initial order of any distributor in the country (approximately 40 distributors at that time). Customers are thrilled when Mad Al still has product after everyone else has run out.

Mad Al becomes a Wizards of the Coast Distributor and orders the release "Legends" because a customer asks us to.

With the help of a retail customer with extensive website development experience, Mad Al launches a new state of the art, wholesale website.

Mad (Maddy) The company's founder's Second child is Born

Fantasy Flight Board games are added to Mad Al lines.

Tammy switches Mad Al from old DOS based Point of Purchase system to new state of the art wholesale system.

Steve does first Anime order. Mad Al now has 1000s of DVD titles.

Video Game Accessories are now available at Mad Al. Nintendo, PS3, XBox and other system fans are happy.

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