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Established in 1961 as a tool for economic development, the SC Technical College System was designed to make South Carolina more competitive in recruiting business and industry to the state. Additionally, the System was charged with training South Carolinians for the jobs created by these new industries and maintaining a commitment to the training when businesses expand and grow in the state. Since its inception, the SC Technical College System has been committed to providing education and training opportunities that promote the economic and workforce development of the state. However, don’t let the age of the System fool you. While our mission has never wavered over the past 50 years, the services we provide and the way in which we provide those services has evolved to meet the needs of the people, business, industry and communities we serve. ;xNLx;;xNLx;In times of both economic prosperity and uncertainty, the SC Technical College System and its 16 technical colleges are dedicated to increasing the employability of all South Carolinians by ensuring they are fully prepared for the jobs of today – and tomorrow.

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SC Advisory Committee for Technical Training Established

In response to the West Committee Study, the General Assembly established the South Carolina Advisory Committee for Technical Training with A. Wade Martin as the Executive Director.

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Greenville TEC

Greenville County was the first to apply for a Technical Education Center. On September I I, 1961, at a special meeting, the Greenville County Legislative Delegation unanimously approved issuance of $540,000 in bonds for the purpose of constructing a 54,000 square foot Technical Education Center to serve the needs of the area. Additionally, the City of Greenville set aside 20 acres of land on By-Pass 291, a site that was easily accessible to residents of the area from every direction. Greenville TEC opened in September 1962. It later became Greenville Technical College in April 1974. The college currently serves Greenville county.

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Creation of Special Schools

A program to train start-up labor forces for new and expanding industries, Special Schools, was created. During its first year, the program trained 475 students in 15 industries.

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Tri-County TEC

Governor Fritz Hollings signed Act 905 creating the Tri-County Technical Education Center. It later became Tri-County Technical College in April 1974. The college currently serves the counties of Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens.

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Sumter TEC

Enabling legislation for the Sumter County Commission for Technical Education was passed in January 1962. The first director was employed on July 1, 1962. Sumter TEC became Sumter Technical College in April 1974 and later was named Central Carolina Technical College. The college currently serves the counties of Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, and Sumter.

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Spartanburg TEC

In November 1961, Spartanburg County received approval to provide a Technical Education Center for the citizens in its region. By May 1963, the center occupied its first building. One hundred and fifty students enrolled in nine industrial and engineering technology training programs and an extension course in supervisory development in the fall of 1963. In April 1974, the center officially became Spartanburg Technical College. In August 2006, Spartanburg Technical College became the state's first community college when it was renamed Spartanburg Community College. The college currently serves the counties of Cherokee, Spartanburg, and Union.

1963-07-01 01:23:48

Special Training for Economic Progress

The Advisory Committee accepted a federal grant of $5.6 million made available through the Manpower Development Training Act (MDTA). Used to establish a new manpower training program called STEP (Special Training for Economic Progress), this grant represented the first large-scale effort in South Carolina to provide occupational and literacy skills to the disadvantaged.

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Richland TEC

Richland TEC was established to address the need for specialized training in industrial growth, and the first students were enrolled in the fall of 1963. It later became Midlands Technical College in July 1974.

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Florence-Darlington TEC

Florence-Darlington TEC was founded in 1963 and opened its doors to students in March 1964. It later became Florence-Darlington Technical College in June 1974. The college currently serves the counties of Darlington, Florence, and Marion.

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Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester TEC

Berkeley-Charleston- Dorchester opened a Technical Education Center. It later merged with Palmer College merged to form Trident Technical College on July 1, 1973. The college currently serves the counties of Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester.

1961-62 :: 2011-2012

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