Keuka College Celebrates 125 Years

Keuka College: Honored by the Past. Proud of the Present. Focused on the Future.

Human greatness is achieved when generous, purposefully educated, and confident people come together in a spirit of humility and determination to address the challenges and realize the opportunities of their age. ;xNLx;Our founder, the Rev. George Harvey Ball, lived out that belief when he established this institution along the shores of Keuka Lake in 1890. In ensuing years, other great leaders with vision, passion and purpose built upon that legacy, adding experiential learning to the core of our liberal arts curriculum, capped with our signature Field Period™. Today, after decades of remarkable achievements, we continue to produce well-educated, optimistic and resourceful people who lead lives of purpose and accomplishment. From Rev. Ball to Edith Estey, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Martin Luther King, Jr., from our home campus in Keuka Park to our sister schools in China and Vietnam, we all share in the mission and vision of Keuka College and we Believe in What We Can Do Together.

Groundbreaking for Keuka Commons

A groundbreaking ceremony for the first new building in more than 40 years, Keuka Commons, was held during Green & Gold Celebration Weekend.

Centennial Anniversary Celebrated

In honor of the College's 100-year anniversary, a ceremony was held and a time capsule filled for preservation.

1970: Nursing NIH Field Period™

At the National Institute of Health in Maryland, two KC nursing students make the most of an evening off. Photo submitted by Ellen Hollstein Jones.

Bobby Kennedy Meets KC Student Nurses

In spring of 1965, Robert F. Kennedy toured the Veterans Administration in Bath, NY, meeting KC nurses during the tour.

2000: First ASAP Program Launches for Working Adults

Degree completion courses leading to a B.S. in organizational management were first offered on the home campus in Oct. 2000.

Tenth President Appointed

Dr. William S. Litterick assumed the helm of Keuka College in 1959, serving until 1965.

Founding of Keuka College & Institute

Chartered Aug. 30, Keuka College & Institute is established along Keuka Lake to make a quality education affordable for young men and women.

Twelfth President Appointed

Dr. G. Wayne Glick served from 1966 - 1974 as the College's 12th president.

Ball Hall Built

Construction on the original Ball Hall started in April 1888, but its interior wasn't fully completed til years later.

1915 - Temporary Closure

Financial troubles encountered in 1915 forced the College & Institute to close for a period of six years.

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