A Heritage of Excellence and Service

Since the earliest days of our two predecessor firms, WilmerHale has played a leading role in historic events and landmark cases that have shaped the nation and left their mark across the globe. In matters ranging from the Army-McCarthy hearings to the legal defense of civil rights, from the 9/11 Commission to the restoration of the rule of law in apartheid-torn South Africa, our lawyers have been privileged to make contributions that have profoundly affected our society and our profession.

1910-01-01 06:13:38


Reginald Heber Smith publishes Justice and the Poor, a seminal work in the evolution of modern legal aid in the United States.

1920-01-01 00:00:00


Hale and Dorr's cumulative billing reaches its first million dollars.

1930-01-01 17:22:11


"...an older senior partner is expected to work 5.5 hrs. on weekdays and 2.5 hrs. on Saturdays, with one month vacation." —Hale and Dorr Annual Report

1940-01-01 17:22:11


The American Bar Association Journal debuts Reginald Heber Smith's formula to determine how partners should be fairly compensated.

1950-01-01 16:03:58


Joseph Welch represents the US Army in the historic Army-McCarthy hearings.

1959-03-03 03:26:17


Hale and Dorr completes its first IPO for high-tech company Analog Devices, becoming the leading law firm in the eastern United States for IPO work.

1970-01-01 16:03:58


In January, Jim St. Clair leaves Hale and Dorr to become Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon during the Watergate controversy.

1980-01-01 03:26:17


Lloyd Cutler argues NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co., helping the NAACP avoid a financial penalty that could have forced it to close.

1990-01-01 03:26:17


Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering becomes the first charter signatory to the ABA's Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge. Hale and Dorr signs on the same year.

1996-01-01 16:03:58


Hale and Dorr completes its 150th initial public offering of the decade.

A Heritage of Excellence and Service

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