Faculty of Arts - History

History of Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University

1964-06-01 12:52:20

Macquarie University established

1967-02-01 17:54:18

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs introduced

1967-02-02 19:25:49

Professor Bruce Mansfield delivered the first ever Modern History lecture at Macquarie

1967-05-01 12:52:20

Professor Emerita Jillian Roe was appointed to teach history at the newly-founded Macquarie University

1967-06-01 01:30:20

Professor Max Deutscher began teaching in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Political Studies

1968-01-01 17:54:18

Expanded to over 40 staff

1968-06-01 17:54:49

Thea Astleyn employed as senior tutor in School of English

1968-08-01 17:54:49

Professor Chandra Jayawardena appointed as Professor of Anthropology

1968-12-01 17:54:49

Building W6A completed and occupied

1969-01-01 17:54:49

Professor Emeritus Edwin Judge began teaching at Macquarie

Faculty of Arts - History

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