CW Pipkin through the Decades

CW Pipkin was the original founder of the Pipkin National Detective Agency.

This is a history timeline which goes over the history CW Pipkin left behind which contains his many travels, experiences and people he met between 1902 and 1952. For more information about this timeline please contact The Pipkin Detective Agency.

1902-01-01 00:00:00

Charley Left Home

Charley left home to go to Nevada where he was a mule-skinner in Goldfield from 1902 to 1905, after which he returned to the Midwest.

1909-05-20 00:00:00

Charley Pipkin gets married

I believe he first went to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he met and married Margaret Camerer on May 20, 1909.

1910-04-16 18:02:21

Charles and Margaret move to Omaha

The move to Omaha took place around 1910, for Charles and Margaret were living in a large boarding house in the 1910 census. The census was taken on April 16, and Margaret was pregnant.

1911-04-06 11:24:20

Working at the mental hospital in Hastings

After giving into Margaret about the street car job, he took a job in a mental hospital in Hastings, Nebraska, some 45 miles west of Omaha.

1911-04-06 18:46:04

Dr. Baxter Says There's Nothing In Charges

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

1911-05-01 11:24:20

CW Pipkin worked as a Motorcycle Policeman

When he returned to Omaha, he took a job as a motorcycle policeman.

1912-12-29 00:00:00

Six Persons Arrested for Box Car Robberies

Two Youngsters Besmeared With Stolen Raspberry Jam Furnished Clew

1913-02-22 17:50:53

Snowing Over North Missouri Valley

Fall in Temperature Expected and the Snow Will Continue

1913-04-23 18:46:04

Had Chicken Under Coat

1913-04-23 18:46:04

Fined $50 On Charge Of Insulting Women

CW Pipkin through the Decades

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