Climate NI Extreme Weather

Climate projections suggest an increase in extreme weather. To understand how Northern Ireland will be affected in future, it is important to analyse the impacts of the past.

This timeline is a collection of news articles about the extreme weather events in Northern Ireland, dating back to 2000. It is possible that some extreme events may have been missed due to inaccessibility of information. We endeavor to keep updating information here as and when it becomes available.

2000-07-28 11:57:29

July 2000

In Central Belfast, 58mm (2.3in) of rain fell in just 90 minutes.

2001-02-27 11:07:24

February 2001

Strong winds and heavy snowfalls disconnected power for 70,000 homes and caused widespread travel disruption on all networks across Northern Ireland.

2004-02-08 11:57:29

February 2004

Emergency repair crews from NIE had to restore power to 4,000 homes after 70mph winds hit NI.

2004-02-25 17:50:53

August 2004

Flash flooding in City of Derry. 30mm (1.2 in) fell in 20 minutes

2005-01-12 11:07:24

January 2005

Severe storms, with winds reaching up to 90mph, have battered NI, killing 1 person, closing roads and causing power cuts in 35,000 homes.

2006-07-19 11:07:24

July 2006

Belfast City Hospital reports higher numbers of dehydrated elderly people and sunburnt children as temperatures soared, peaking at 30°C in Castlederg

2007-06-12 11:07:24

June 2007

In the wettest June since records began, 50mm (2 in) of rain fell in 90 minutes, equivalent to a 1 in 300 year event.

2008-01-04 11:07:24

January 2008

Up to 16cm of snow fell in some areas of NI leading to widespread disruption and flooded roads. 26,000 households' power were also affected.

2008-05-12 14:54:55

May 2008

The average temperature from the 1st to 10th May was the highest ever recorded in the month since the beginning of daily data gathering in 1772.

2008-08-16 14:54:55

August 2008

As much as 3/4 normal August rainfall fell in 1 day causing mass flooding, the collapse of two bridges, 37 major road closures and a train derailment.

Climate NI Extreme Weather

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