The Chinese Exclusion Act 1

1757-12-06 17:33:29

George Washington Drank Chinese Tea all his Life

George Washington's first recorded order for tea dates to December of 1757, when he wrote to England seeking "6 lb. best Hyson Tea" and "6 lb. best Green Ditto." Sick and having arrived back at Mount Vernon from the frontier, Washington sent a note to his neighbor Sally requesting some foodstuffs to get him through his illness, including "a Pound, or a smaller quantity if you can't spare that, of Hyson Tea." Washington’s last known purchase was for one pound of Imperial tea the year before his death. During the Independence War, George Washington rewarded his officers with tea which was from China.

1773-12-16 22:58:14

Boston Tea Party (Tea from China)

The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that occurred on December 16, 1773, at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, MA. The colonists dumped 340 chests of tea, imported by the British Company into the harbor. The tea destroyed are all from China:240 chests of Bohea(武夷茶), 15 of Congou(工夫茶), 10 of Souchong(小种茶) , 60 of Singlo(松萝茶), and 15 of Hyson(熙春茶)

1776-01-01 00:00:00

Declaration of Independence

Start of independence War

1783-06-09 18:10:09

Treaty of Paris

Treaty of Paris,signaled the birth of a new independent Country:UNited States of America

1784-02-22 00:04:50

Empress of China

Empress of China Ship sailed out to China, signaled US China Direct Trade

1785-05-11 04:21:59

Empress of China Returns

Empress of China Returns New York, with 25% of profit.

1785-08-25 09:35:30

3 Chinese sailors at Baltimore

3 Chinese sailors arrived at Baltimore on Pallas, O'Donnell

1790-03-26 02:18:26

Naturalization Act of 1790, only White People Can Be American Citizens.

March 26, 1790 Naturalization Act of 1790 This law didn't let non-white people become citizens. Yes, it was totally legal at the time, and yes, that's seriously messed up.

1798-09-14 08:55:01

Chow Buried in Boston Commons

Boston Merchant John Boit Jr brought him on previous trip to China

1803-03-16 04:14:05

Chinese Doctor at PA

Chinese Doctor Howard advertisement on PA newspaper for 4 years

The Chinese Exclusion Act 1

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