Pitzer College

Pitzer College, founded in 1963, welcomed its first students in September 1964.

An interactive timeline of Pitzer College.

1960-01-29 15:08:16

New College Recommendations

The Claremont College Intercollegiate Council explores and recommends a new college for women.

1963-01-31 10:55:22

Founding Grant Made

Ina Scott Pitzer and Russell K. Pitzer give the founding gift to establish Pitzer College.

1963-02-21 10:55:22

Articles of Incorporation Filed

Pitzer College articles of incorporation are filed. The anniversary of this day is later celebrated as Founders Day.

1963-02-26 10:55:22

First Board Meeting

The Founding Board of Trustees holds its first organizational meeting at Honnold Library.

1963-03-26 10:55:22

Campus Master Plan Presented to Architects

Local Claremont architects Theodore Criley and Fred McDowell are presented with a master plan for the campus showing the use of a central mall, a beautiful vista of the mountains and no internal motor traffic.

1963-04-16 10:55:22

John Atherton Selected as First President

After a nationwide search, John W. Atherton, Dean of the Faculty at Claremont Men's College, is recommended and chosen by the Selection Committee.

1963-05-07 10:55:22

Second Board Meeting

Pitzer’s Board of Trustees welcomes John W. Atherton to their board meeting as the first president of Pitzer College. Robert J. Bernard is named first chairman of the Board.

1963-05-07 10:55:22

Construction Begins

Construction begins on Scott and Sanborn Halls.

1964-02-21 03:14:21

First Founders Day

The first anniversary of Pitzer's founding is celebrated with a dinner.

1964-06-12 15:25:27

First Faculty Meetings

The faculty meets for four days to consider the College's program and to plan the curriculum in depth.

Pitzer College

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