The History of XS

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2002-09-01 00:00:00

Launch of Cranberry-Grape Blast & Citrus Blast

Launch of the first ever XS Energy Drinks with Cranberry-Grape Blast and Citrus Blast flavors.

2002-10-18 03:18:33

Launch of, a digital partner store launched to allow IBOs to showcase their love of the XS brand. XS Gear was and still is the one stop show for all merchandise XS. This includes everything from t-shirts to promotional items like tents, coolers and backpacks. Seasonal collections are dropped to ensure you always stay on trend with the hypest XS gear.

2002-12-01 00:00:00

Launch of Tea-Berry Blast

XS innovated and energized the energy drink market with the launch of the first ever non-carbonated energy tea.

2002-12-16 00:00:00

Canada Launch

XS began its international conquest with the brand's first expansion outside the US, heading north of the US border to Canada.

2003-09-01 15:47:19

Co-Founders Video

Adventure and entrepreneurship go hand in hand with XS Co-Founders Scott Coon and David Vanderveen.

2003-09-05 06:37:07

Launch of Tropical Flavors

Both Tropical Blast and Caffeine Free Tropical Blast are introduced to the XS family. The non-caffeinated version immediately expanded the XS Brand's reach to a new consumer segment

2003-11-18 03:18:33

Australia & New Zealand Launch

XS is going International! The brand launches in late 2003 in Australia and New Zealand

2004-03-01 05:06:19

Early Growth and Expansion Success

XS was quick to expand flavor options and continue to innovate the energy drink market with caffeine-free and tea portfolio to accompany the already successful sugar-free offerings.

2004-04-15 00:46:37

Launch of Electric Lemon Blast

The most electrifying flavor in the lineup is introduced: Electric Lemon Blast!

2004-05-01 13:24:17

IBOAI Adoption

Amway's Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI) board embrace XS as a game changer for Amway Independent Business Owners.

The History of XS

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