Mentone Grammar Centenary

1923-03-03 08:30:00

From Humble Beginnings

Sunday 3 March 1923 was a proud day as 200 guests gathered on the Frogmore House lawn to officially open Mentone Grammar School.

1923-03-03 13:08:21

Frogmore House

The building at 63 Venice Street, known as Frogmore House, was built in 1891 as the residence of Reverend Robert Morrison Fergus, a minister in the Independent Church.

1923-03-03 14:11:58

Henry Tonkin

Senior Master, Henry Lycett Tonkin, was introduced as founding Headmaster. Henry became a fast favourite with parents and students alike and was instrumental in establishing the quality educational and sporting credentials of the fledgling School over the next nine years.

1924-08-30 20:25:55

Hillhouse Legend

Athletics legend, Alexander Hillhouse made a significant contribution to the School in both sports and leadership. To honour this contribution, the School introduced the Hillhouse Trophy, which was awarded for cross-country running.

1930-01-01 08:30:00

A School is Saved

The School suffered a setback during the Great Depression and student numbers dwindled. Thomas Francis 'Frank' Jones, one of the original founding members and trustees of the School, funded the purchase of Frogmore House in the early 1930's.

1933-03-01 05:28:38

Charles Campbell 'CC' Thorold

Charles Campbell 'CC' Thorold, an Oxford-educated Englishman of impeccable family background, became the School’s third Headmaster in 1933. He was regarded as one of the great headmasters of his day.

1933-03-20 18:43:41

John Jeffrey 'JJ' Thorold

CC Thorold's son John Jeffery 'JJ' Thorold, an accountant by profession, began his involvement at the School in 1933, the year his father became headmaster. JJ happily accepted the book-keeping responsibilities at the School in order to get the accounts under control.

1936-09-20 21:31:39

Bessie Johnston

Bessie Johnston joined the School in 1936, becoming the first full-time female member of staff. She was an outstanding French teacher, as well as a skilled primary teacher.

1939-04-01 08:30:00

An Era of Growth

The School was saved through the benefaction of a parent, together with Francis Wellington Were, JJ's grandfather, and numbers grew during the war from 50 to 280.

1945-02-01 19:05:38

Lionel Ashley Large

Lionel Ashley Large became Headmaster in 1945 and was responsible for the conduct, discipline, and routine administration of the School, overseeing educational development and day to day operations, while JJ remained as Principal and essentially the School’s figurehead.

Mentone Grammar Centenary

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