Belmont Hill Historical Timeline

1919-01-01 00:00:00

Original School Building is Constructed

Four years before Belmont Hill School was established, the building known as the Head’s House, and now the Howe House, was built. It was renovated in summer of 1923 before the Howe family moved in.

1923-02-01 00:00:00

First Meeting

A group of men met at the home of Robert Atkins on Belmont Hill, not far from campus. They were all seeking a day school with small classes and imaginative leadership for their sons. Since they didn’t have an option within reach, they agreed to establish a school of their own.

1923-03-17 00:00:00

Belmont Hill Incorporation

Meeting on State Street in Boston, incorporation papers were taken out by seven individuals: Robert W. Atkins, William H. Claflin, Jr., William P. Elwell, John W. Hallowell, Henry Hixon Meyer, Arthur H. Morse, and William J. Underwood. At the incorporation, the bylaws were established, an executive committee was formed, Dr. Reginald Heber Howe, Jr. was hired as headmaster, and the purchase of 19 acres of land near the junction of Park Street and Prospect Street from the Belmont Hill Company was unanimously approved. Robert Atkins was elected President of the Executive Committee, William Clafin was elected Treasurer, and Henry Hixon Meyer was chosen as Secretary. Click "Find Out More" to see our Incorporating Documents.

1923-05-01 02:53:32

Bolles House Built in Anticipation of School Opening

Bolles House was constructed the spring and summer before the School was set to open. It was originally used as a classroom building on the top floor and a locker room on the lower level. It was named in memory of Frank Bolles, who was the Secretary of Harvard (1886-1894).

1923-07-01 21:43:40

Choosing the School Colors

Dr. Howe sent out a letter encouraging the new students to suggest school colors and designs for athletic jerseys. They chose red and blue, and the athletic jerseys had red and blue horizontal stripes.

1923-08-01 02:53:32

The Cottage Offers Living Space for Staff

The Cottage was constructed in 1923 to house staff. The house then became the living quarters for faculty, specifically Densmore, Funks, and Bridges. It’s currently the Petros A. Palandjian Admission Center, after being used as the Alumni and Development office in the early 2000s.

1923-08-30 02:15:33

Founding Headmaster, Dr. R. Heber Howe, Moves In

Dr. Reginald Heber Howe, Jr. and his family moved into the Headmaster’s House a few weeks before school began. The Howe Family lived on the second floor of the Head’s House, or Howe House as it is now known. Dr. Howe came from Harvard, where he was the crew coach and a researcher. He had worked at Middlesex before Harvard and was a teacher to many of the founding incorporators. In the time that he served as headmaster, he created a supportive community for all community members. In addition to his work in teaching and coaching, he was also an author and distinguished natural scientist. Dr. Howe was Headmaster from 1923 to 1932.

1923-09-26 18:51:12

First Day of School

44 boys, grades 3-9, started their first day of school at Belmont Hill. Morning Chapel, midday lunches, and study halls were all held in the living room of the Headmaster’s House. Classes were held in the Bolles House. Every year after, a grade was added, with the first graduation occurring in 1927. Click "Find Out More" to see our first brochure.

1923-09-28 00:42:08

Intramural Debate Team Formed

The Debate team, also known as Lyceum, has a long history at Belmont Hill. In the first year, the team split with Middlesex in their home-and-home series.

1923-09-29 13:19:55

Glee Club Formed

The Glee Club was formed very shortly into our school’s history. It was under the direction of Miss Keyes, the teacher for grades 3-6.

Belmont Hill Historical Timeline

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