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Welcome to our digital display of events in the history of Saint Ignatius' College, Adelaide. This material is grouped in pathways describing aspects of our people, our story, and our culture.

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1521-12-01 00:00:00

Ignatius' Spiritual Conversion

Ignatius grew up in sixteenth century Europe. He was injured as a young man during the siege of Pamplona in 1521 and became bedridden.

1534-09-23 21:24:41

The First Companions

In 1534, the first seven companions took vows and adopted the Spiritual Exercises. By early 1536, when they left Paris, they had been joined by three others. In 1540 The Company or Society of Jesus was ratified by Pope Paul III.

1546-01-01 22:26:32

Early Jesuits

The Jesuits founded the first network of schools and colleges in Europe and the Americas, earning the description “the schoolmasters of Europe”.

1848-12-01 00:00:00

Arriving in Australia

Austrian priests, Fr Aloysius Kranewitter SJ and Fr Maximilian Klinkowstroem SJ arrived in South Australia in 1848. They were chaplains to a group of 146 Silesian immigrants escaping religious and political oppression.

1856-01-23 16:12:42

Saint Aloysius College Sevenhill

In 1856, the Jesuits at Sevenhill established the first day and boarding school, Saint Aloysius College, South Australia, as well as a seminary for the training of diocesan priests and novices.

1866-12-01 00:00:00

Fr Johannes Hinteroecker SJ

After joining the Jesuits in Austria in 1839, Fr Hinteroecker volunteered for a mission to the Aboriginal people of Central Australia and arrived at Sevenhill in 1866. With an international reputation in Natural History, he soon acquired expertise in South Australia's botany and zoology.

1869-12-01 00:00:00

Founding Norwood Parish

1873-09-27 10:59:28

Saint Francis Xavier School Adelaide

1882-06-26 11:32:31

Aboriginal Mission, Northern Territory

Jesuits from Sevenhill established the Northern Mission amongst the Aboriginal people around Darwin and the Daly River.

1903-12-01 00:00:00

Saint Ignatius Boys School

In 1894, plans commenced to build Saint Ignatius Boys School and Parish Hall on Queen Street, Norwood.

Saint Ignatius' College Historical Timeline

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